Rare skins and Bragging rights

What is everyones opinions on the idea of 'Rare skins? Gears 4 had some rare skins, none rarer than blood moon and TC uir, if you count that. Going into gears 5, Gilded Raam will be extremely rare due to the ratio of new and returning players.

Do you like the fact that some skins will be unobtainable? If not, why?

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Rare skins are valuable skins, and it’s important to have valuable skins. I want more in Gears 5.

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Some people like them I guess. I reckon some people just sit there in the customisation menu looking at their collection salivating. Versus mode? Horde? What that?


going to miss my Blue esport skins on Swarm and Midnight Omen on Cog. might the rarest besides dev skins?

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Those arent rare. Youre talking about syndrome right? Theor arent really rare weapons. Maybe the full green and pink phantom set.

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If they have a charity event this year, I will be donating to have a chance at a rare skin.

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read my post again and you’ll see why they are rare

I missed the one they did so don’t know really how it worked.

But I’d throw down big money if it was held again for a rare skin that I would want.

Syndrome and Midnight Omen and even the pink and Emerald Phantom skins aren’t rare at all. They gave everyone multiple chances at the phantoms and Midnight Omens, the Syndrome are probably the rarest but the same as the Team Glow and others.

The I Am Adopted skins are probably the rarest. I almost never see the Overgrown and Angry Clown skins.

This one is pretty rear
Midnight Glory Emblem

As is this emblem

And i have both

TC likes to treat characters like they are super exclusive that way people will spend more money…That being said, i still want the esports Kait skin cause not many people will probably have that character and i also like how she looks

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Hey i played you yesterday!!! i said hi but you ignored me :"(

Also yeah if people miss the july 13-14th stream oh rip.

I know it is not “Super rare” but I enjoy using my Black Steel Reyna from the 1st esports drop.

Will esports kait be earnable through live.gearsofwar.com ?

That’s what the challenge thingy says