Rapidly Gaining Rank

Hello Everyone

I recently played about 9 matches of TDM and won about 2/3rds of games. At one point I won 4 in a row. What I was shocked by was the fact that I was suddenly rapidly gaining rank, I went from Silver 2 all the way to Onyx 1 in the past two days! I even gain rank when I lose as long as my K/D is positive.

I spent most of Gears 4 as an onyx 1-2 player. I was very irritated by the ranking system in Gears 5 seemingly restricting to me to Silver. I once won 4/5 placement matches and go places in silver ! Previously, when I rose in to gold 2 I would be punished heavily for any losses by the ranking system until I fell back down to silver. Has anyone else recently rapidly gained rank?

Please share your thoughts and opinions.

I did. It seem to be working fine. Than you know same old shitz. Started getting derank and zero point matches with no quitters. Went beast got MVP by a mile before second round was over had a quitter on opposite team round 1 =0 round 2=0 or it will do something like round 1 + 137 round 2-137=0 I seen this average out to zero across three rounds before a few times in the last couple days. That never happened to me once since launch so it can’t be a coincidence. Seriously a few times it will be like round 1 +375round2 -200 round 3 -175=0

Ok I get it now these calculations are so you don’t lose any rank points by getting the win.

I think the system is not showing you the results of that match’s effect on your rank.

The system seems to be backlogged, feeding your points to you in random bits and streams rather than in a temporally accurate manner.

Just my theory.

Yeah it seems if you do good and lose they made it so u will lose some points that match. But then they seem to make it up to you when u win. Just how it appears, not 100% sure though. But when u get zero, in the old system you most likely would have lost points.

Jeez I wish this happened to me

Dont worry now you will be paired with people who literally just started playing and you will get screwed. I learned tht the hard way. Randoms just dont understand how to play
Its very frustrating to say the least

It seems like bronze dosent exists any longer. Silver is the new bronze. And everyone is ranking to Gold and Onyx with out trying.

I couldn’t get out of silver 2 months ago. I would say I’m above average in skill, I’ve hit onxy 1 in 10 games in last 72 hours

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