Rapid Fire Pistol Discussion (GIF Inside)

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Oh I must have missed the part where 1v1’s start allowing modders. My bad. Next time when someone asked me “any questions” I’ll be sure to let him know, no mods allowed.
Really kid? Thats the logic you’re going with? If I knew he was the one with the modded pistol then I wouldn’t have played him…this also reinforces the idea that I didn’t figure it out until post 1v1

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I’m the one that out of line? A hahahahahahahaha hahahaha

What about all the cr*p talking Frag Wolf was saying? Which by the way he completely instigated and started it all from the very beginning. It didn’t take more than 5 seconds after I coincidentally joined his match until he started talking trash towards me for no reason. Along with you… toxic. Toxic. Toxic…
I even refrained from saying a word for 2 Solid matches.

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Both of you are the out of line immature children that destroy this game and it’s community. i think it’s funny how Your friend called me “spine less” have a dozen times when he needs a modded pistol to get his kills. LMAO


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Please keep discussion civil and refrain from attacking people.

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