Rapid Fire Pistol Discussion (GIF Inside)

(CheckD4T56) #61

I think it makes the game more of challenge.

(Slipping Flames) #62

Here’s a reality and something everyone should probably ask themselves at some point.

Reality: it’s a video game and some people will feel compelled to do whatever or use whatever to advantage themselves in online play

Question you should ponder: Ifyou use modded equipment of any kind, why? Just to win? To feel superior if you do?

Better question: If you are using modded equipment, are you really as good as you think you are?

Just general thoughts. It’s a video game in the end. Mind numbing entertainment.

(Rundan) #63

That’s actually a really good reality check.

I just played against his rigged pistol and I have to completely retract everything I said about it. It’s actually enormously unfair. It does fire faster than my pistol and I’m on PC as well. I even have a dedicated Rapid Fire button on my mouse; it doesn’t compare to at all. His pistol would down me faster than an Enforcer at any distance. It completely throws weapon balancing off. During my experience I Couldn’t leave cover at almost any distance or I would be downed faster than my screen would register damage being taken. I would equate it to an Enforcer with active reload being dumped on you from 5 feet away, however it being a pistol he has almost any range he wants from it… With better accuracy too. This is beyond PC Vs. Xbox because I was on PC and this was incredibly unfair me as well.

I tried my best to look at it objectively but you really can’t tell unless you play against it. Even though its not technically a hack, I would easily equate it to be one. I should have taken all the reports he got more seriously. Definitely game breaking in my book. It shouldn’t be allowed,

(lridium Fox) #64

I was in the match when you challenged him. He said he beat you in the 1v1 and you never died by the pistol. At least that’s what he said.

(thesuicidefox) #65

I wanna call ■■■■■■■■ on this. If Gears was in first person I’d be inclined to believe it. But in third person you’re FOV shouldn’t make a difference in motion sickness.

(Rundan) #66

That’s a misconstrued way to explain what happen. It ended 2-5 with his pistol pretty much dictating how every round went. Both rounds I won was when he put his pistol away.
Because it’s impossible to replicate the power of his pistol I equate it to a cheat. In a 1v1 environment where all of his focus was on me it’s pretty much a super weapon. I mean, do I need to explain any further? Look how many reports he’s getting. Obviously the community collectively doesn’t agree with that he’s doing

(lridium Fox) #67

But you just said his pistol would down you faster than an enforcer. If he never killed you with it, how can you make that claim?

(Rundan) #68

He did down me with the pistol. And even if he didn’t, I can still judge how fast he could have just based off of his damage rate. Not too mention the ability to down me from any distance with an Enforcer level rate. It’s just a scum way to play with game

(lridium Fox) #69

So he killed you with it in the 1v or not? I’m confused. A down with the pistol should count as a pistol kill. Nevermind what finished the down.

(Rundan) #70

He didn’t finish me with the pistol. But he downed me with it numerous time during the multiple matches we played against each other. And during the 1v1 if I can remember correctly he did down me with it. Regardless it dictated how the match went and was easily more powerful than any other weapon the game offers.


There’s over 300 reports against him. Obviously this is an issue. An explanation isn’t necessary. And because it can’t be banned; he’s just a scumbag for using it.
If I was reporting 300 times I would uninstall the game and write an apology letter

(lridium Fox) #71

He just uploaded this to show me. You took a full clip at medium range and didn’t go down. You’re exaggerating. He also sent me screens where he asked you if you knew about his fast pistol. You said no, but your comment above makes you look like a liar bro. You knew what you were getting into and you lost.

(Rundan) #72

One clip doesn’t define the entire match. And I was bright red on my end. In fact I was surprised I didn’t get downed. Your video actually reinforces my argument. Look how disgustingly fast he’s firing. What a joke. And again, you’re miscontruing my words… I said In this thread that “I RETRACT EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT THE PISTOL”.

That means I was wrong and I admitted to being wrong after I explained it first hand. That doesn’t make me a liar at all. Not even close. You were partied up with him so obviously you’re his friend and you’re going to back up anything he does but it doesn’t matter. All the proof is here. It’s a horrible exploit and he’s not any good of a player by using it.

I mean really, by not including the recent comment where I said I completely retract my statement you’re just being intellectually dishonest by setting out to call me a liar

(lridium Fox) #73

No. I’m not talking about that. He asked you if you knew about his pistol before the 1v because he didn’t want any excuses. You said no. You did. That’s a lie.

(Rundan) #74

Thats not a lie. Because I didn’t know this was his thread to begin with. I don’t keep tabs on people that would be aimless. Also, it’s completely aside from the point. You’re just like him, only looking to be toxic and slander people.

Bottom line that pistol is basically cheating. Period.

(lridium Fox) #75

But you just said you got downed by it and how unfair it was in the social matches before you ever challenged him to a 1v. So yes, you did know about it. Your post even says it. Really? I’m toxic because I’m poking holes in your story that doesn’t have the facts straight? Whatever bro.

(Rundan) #76

Because you’re not time stamping the messages properly. When are you going to start being honest? And ya you’re pretty toxic if you’re gonna defend this pistol. How long until you get yours? Why don’t you send me one. Easy kills must be fun

What you’re doing right now is diverting the main premise of this topic away from what matters. Because you’re obviously his friend and you know you can’t win this battle. Confusing the argument with who said what, when, has absolutely nothing to do with how absurd this exploit it. No, you’re more interested in being toxic online and setting out to call people liars
300 reports and counting proves my case. End of discussion

I challenge anyone on the forums to play against this pistol and tell me it’s not an issue.
300 reports and counting.

(Rundan) #77

What a stupid thing to say.
So if I had an AimBot or any hack for that matter and I told everybody I had it, does that make it justified? “Because they knew what they were getting into”? LMAO

(lridium Fox) #78

What are you talking about not time-stamping the msgs bro? Are you kidding me? Don’t question my honesty when you’re straight caught in a lie and now can’t even fess up to it. I get this isn’t what the threads about, but you need to man up!

He asked you if you knew about his pistol before the 1v. You said no. You just told me you didn’t know about his pistol before the 1v saying this.

But that’s not true, bro. Because you said this.

You did know! We played the matches first. According to you in your own words you got downed by it multiple times. Then you challenged him to a 1v and you lost. All I’m saying is if you knew what you were up against and lost anyways, you have no excuse! I’d take everything you say with a big grain of salt bro. You call me toxic just becuase I’m point out the flaws in your own story. Look at the screenshot above. Wolf asked you if you had any questions regarding the rules of the 1v and you asked him if his mom’s gonna call you back. Then he says his mom doesn’t like people that say “pu55y pu55y” talking about how you called him that the match before because he wasn’t leaving and inviting you to a 1v right away.

You are completely out of line and you need to be temp silenced for a while.Reported.

(Rundan) #80


You flagged my post LMAO

(Rundan) #82

Completely false.

I played against his pistol in numerous matches knowing something was wrong as it seemed sketchy. I’m not the kind of player to call hacks immediately, especially with playing Social TDM where there was less focus was on me therefore it was less of an issue compared to a 1v1 situation. As I mentioned before. It wasn’t until after I played him in the 1v1 did I realize he had a modded pistol. Stop misrepresenting me and my words. Yes, you are incredibly dishonest and are going to defend your modder friend regardless of the situation. That’s obvious. You’re so eager to put me out to be a liar that you don’t even qualify for the details which is why I’m proving you to be incorrect. Again, you don’t care about the point of this discussion.

Hey guys. I’m using hacks. And now that you know about it, you have no excuses when you lose… that’s your idiotic logic. Yes I have a valid excuse. He’s Modding!!! End of discussion.

I’m calling you toxic because you’re blindly defending your friend when it’s obvious he’s in the wrong. Not too mention you ruined this thread by trying and failing to make me into a liar. Toxic.