Rapid Fire Pistol Discussion (GIF Inside)

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If your playing on PC i wouldn’t consider it cheating. If its a cross play title and I don’t have the option of turning cross play off I’d consider it an unfair advantage. If a title is cross play then all platforms should be even

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From what ive heard is that Microsoft released official rapid fire controllers in japan and since it is an official controller, rapid fire is allowed. they cant release a product that isnt compatible with there games,

(Rundan) #43

Seeing as your getting so many reports for cheating I think my opinion have shifted a little more towards being against it. I think what you’re doing in cheating but abusing an exploit. Your mouse is very uncommon which is why this is the first time anyone has seen this before, therefore making it a touch decision. Personally I could care less but I don’t speak for the community. And it seems like you’re getting reported quite a bit.

Like I said, personally I don’t care but if I had to be objective I’m torn 50/50
I haven’t played against it so I don’t really know what it’s like.

(Fragmented Wolf) #44

I personally agree with RED 100%. The fact that all a console user has to do is disable cross-play makes it fine. That’s just me tho

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Well, that solves part of the problem. Lets just say you only play with PC players, I think its still a bit of an exploit. And I don’t think the option to turn off cross-play was suppose to be the solution towards something like this because in that sense PC players shouldn’t be able to play with console players in the first place if unfair advantages like this was more prevalent.

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Is it possible someone hacked my controller after my comment because that same night it took a mind of its own for about 1min litterly doing it’s own thing I said you could buy modded controllers with rapid fire and other option I never said I had one

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maybe something like this…

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??? When did I accuse you of having one ???

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Never said you did
My comment was to all the people that only think this is available on pc" I’m turning cross play off "but you can get this controller for the Xbox one so turning cross play off is half the battle but hour after my comment it seemed someone hacked my controller like it started doing it’s own thing so I was wondering if that was a possibility I wasn’t blaming you

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Holy s**t !!! after seeing that I have to change my original statement, it looks extremely unfair to be able to fire that fast. You’re obviously not getting any ban or anything from TC since you showed it is “only” a rebind but still… wow, just wow.

(Rundan) #52


Can’t really say. Personally I wouldn’t bat an eye if I came across it but its all the reports you’re getting leads me to believe you are introducing a new mechanic that other gamers have’t experienced… thus all the reports you’re getting. However I don’t think its ban worthy. Maybe its a bit of an exploit at most.

What I think is causing issues here is that Gears is such a spongy laggy mess with terrible netcode, that when you’re firing that pistol at its fastest (All the time) people aren’t receiving damage right away and then all of a sudden getting downed super fast which puts off this feeling that you have a modded pistol or a hack.

So i don’t think you’re doing anyone wrong, its just a bit of an exploit due from the bad net code and the easy firing at maximum speed. But this is just my opinion on why/how you’re getting reports. Again, I could personally care less. All the power to you!

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Can’t say it’d be cheating since anyone can go out and buy that certain mouse and not have to mod it (not so much as clicking on/off on the freewheeling scroll on the mouse). Blatantly cheating? No. But certainly would be frowned upon by some of the community. That’s what the cross play option is there for… But since Xbox is bringing KB & M to the console, I don’t think turning crossplay off would prevent console players from running into this and just raging about it to no end lol. I certainly don’t hold this against you, If I had come to facing you in that situtation, id just keep moving from cover to cover and you’d only have so much snub clips before you get emptied, then maybe a lancer/gnasher mix as I move in closer, idk. Didn’t see you get to use it in action because those tryhards we were playing against in social was getting on my nerves. Still good to play with a fellow forum members. Got out with a close W on those dudes even though i wasn’t having my best game.

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Yea, I didn’t have my best either. I hate Raven Down so much. Any map that has minimal map control and is set up for players to just butt heads in the middle with shotty is just… No thanks lol

(telekinetix) #55

Microsoft sells corded rapid fire controllers in japan, gears of war is an official Microsoft game, the coalition is owned by Microsoft, in tournaments the use of any official microsoft controllers are allowed,

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Source / link?

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I heard about this a while back when i brought up the issue with epic, ive been looking all over trying to find a link otlr at least a picture of the controller im talking about, what im talking about was brought to my attention during gears 3 and i was inquiring about rapid fire controllers, and what i was told is that they were okay to have in competitions because of what ive explained, ill try and look around for it some more

(Fragmented Wolf) #58

Would be curious to see it if it exists.

Force Crossplay, just do it and ignore whiners
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So that explains “modded controller” with Hammerburst.

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Ive seen the controllers before, i still cant find them, they may have stopped selling them im not sure, regardless with playerrs on p.c. using their scroll button to fire their weapons thats rapid fire, kinda unfair for them to use it and not players on the console