Rapid Fire Pistol Discussion (GIF Inside)

(CraziestSock) #21

I’ve played Gears since 1. The movements that I’ve seen, its impossible to be using a controller. We might have axis to make it easier but pc users have a mouse which is by far much more accurate then you can be on any controller.

(Fragmented Wolf) #22

I’ve played every shooter with this exact setup and -many- other PC players do something similar with semi-auto weapons.

So you’re not really asking me to play “fair”. You’re asking me to handicap myself and make something easily achievable, harder, based on the shortcoming of another platform that I don’t even use… And to that I say no, I will not because I shouldn’t have to. I chose to game on PC to gain certain advantages, like flexible button mapping, refresh rates, aspect ratios, etc… So I will utilize it.

The PC player-base shouldn’t be required to axe their platform’s advantages simply because cross-play is enabled. I agree 100% that you should have the right as a console player to not get paired with me, but don’t force -me- to do anything I don’t want to do.

(Omen LP) #23

100%. Just, like you said, don’t ask me to play against you…

(DJ NME) #24

Wow! Your skill is unmatched. Sad act.

(CarlosYabrudy) #25

Do it with the Boltok and post that!

(diablo vs24) #26

Depending on a person’s wheel spinning ability, it’s basically one “button press”, compared to actually having to click multiple times (even if it has the potential just as fast).

(AliceInChainsaw) #27

I’m not defending the use of it. It’s just not something that someone could be banned for because there is no programmable way to tell. If they want it limited then they have to limit the rate of fire on the weapon as a whole.

People that do it are going to get scorned by the rest of us but there is no way to know unless they admit to it.

Everything else I have said in this thread is in regard to actually clicking the mouse button to fire the shots.

(diablo vs24) #28

Sorry. I misread the context.

(R3VoLv3R 85) #29

Cross play mode disabled :slight_smile:

(Fragmented Wolf) #30

Lol. That’s your right, man. happy playing =)

(EVGA SLI) #31

watch they are gonna say you are hacking and using an aim bot then report you

(Bixouille) #32

Oh ! Let me check… yeah, crossplay is disabled on my side, perfect.
See ya !

(Fragmented Wolf) #33

Literally happened about an hour ago… I’m just going to start doing that. When they accuse me, they can just have a link to this discussion page.

(Omen LP) #34

Yup, cross play off… How can a controller player compete against that. Full pistol mag in basically an instant…

(The Evil Moo) #35

Oh gee, what do you all do when you come up against this on a console?

Lots of modded controllers it seems.

(xl S P A R K S) #36

He didn’t break his mouse. Its a Logitech G502 mouse. 1 of the features is the ability to switch between infinity scrolling or traditional scrolling. The button underneath the scroll wheel does that.

(Rundan) #37

Either way, I’m still not sure how I feel about it.

(SqurrellyBugger) #38

Lol you can buy this controller for the Xbox not just pc lmao

(SqurrellyBugger) #39


(Fragmented Wolf) #40

And some would definitely agree with you. I wanted to start a discussion from a different angle. Most online only see the fast shooting pistol and think “Oh, he soldered a chip onto his controller and now hit’s that button a million times a second. Cheater”

In that instance, I would deem that cheating. But I’m not altering hardware. I’m playing the game on PC and I’ve changed my key bindings. Should this just be considered a “Cheaters mouse” / “Cheater’s peripheral?” I personally don’t think so… But thanks for your take. That was the point of this thread. So I could see people’s honest opinions.