Rapid Fire Pistol Discussion (GIF Inside)

(Fragmented Wolf) #1

I probably have over a 100 msgs in my inbox from strangers, 90% talking trash and letting me know I’ve been reported for having a “Modded Controller”. One of the benefits of playing games on PC is the ability to bind any key to whatever you like. For instance, scrolling down on my mouse wheel allows me to fire. (GIF Bellow)

So, my question to The Coalition. Am I really in danger of a ban because I’m rebinding a key? Does that sound appropriate? I’d argue this is inherent with PC gaming, just like higher refresh rates, increased aspect ratios, increased FOVs, etc.

(Belkain) #2

Unless they do something about modded controllers I don’t see a problem with that, there is an option to turn crossplay off after all.

As for increasing the FOV, as a PC user I must say that this should be disabled while playing ranked, like it or not it turns into an advantage when you get used to it, I tried it some time ago and reverted back to default, it’s just not the same.

(Hammer 732) #3

Damn that is fast


Some people have motion sickness without increasing FoV, should they not be able to play ranked? I’d say it’s arguable for the pro scene, but for ranked? Meh.

(AliceInChainsaw) #5

You’re not in danger of a ban because there is literally no way to tell you are not pressing the button that many times manually.

You are in danger of negative opinions towards how you play… but not a ban by any means.

(DeathScythe M01) #6

If the other players send videoclips of somebody cheating to The Coalition they open an investigation. Later The Coalition just makes an inspection to determine if there are something suspecious before sending you a ban message. If they don’t find anything out of its place theres no need to be worry.

(Belkain) #7

For the pro scene they banned everything that is not 100% the same for everyone, that’s why no PC allowed. The only “difference” being the controllers they use, but most of them are backed by companies that sell “gamer stuff” so it’s not shady or anything.

I understand motion sickness can be a deal breaker when it comes to gaming, I cannot stand FPS because of that, but increasing the FOV gives you an unfair advantage since you can see more than those on console, it may be debatable whether you can put it to good use or not (I didn’t like it so I don’t use it) but it is unquestionable that you get to see more than your enemy. The same can be said about playing on a 21:9 monitor, there is no doubt that it looks awesome but again, you get to see more than your enemy and I don’t think of any scenario in which that would be considered acceptable, unless playing social of course.

(ANDROIDguy) #8

well… if game allows nothing is wrong with it.

This is one of the reason I will never turn cross play on. Its not PC player’s fault. its just how and what game allows…

(Rundan) #9

Hmmmmm, I would’t call it ban worthy. Or even unfair necessarily. I changed my setup to match yours after watching this video and found that I wasn’t any better. I’m not sure if you broke your mouse wheel or if that’s how it came because most if not all mouse wheels don’t freely spin like that. I can only get a few shots off before my mouse wheel stops firing. And I much prefer left click over that. I’m actually faster with left click.

99% of mouse wheels don’t do that so I don’t see it being an issue. Now, if you broke yours or modified it then you are now exploiting a game mechanic which I am not sure if that’s considered to be modding or not. To be honest I wouldn’t worry. You’re not using 3rd party software and its technically possible to fire that fast with left click so there’s no real way they can observe something abnormal that would end up punishable.

As far as FOV goes, I really don’t see why people think its this big advantage. Maybe in games like CSGO where players have head height around corners actually memorized like a computer where a longer FOV gives that millisecond advantage but a game like Gears just doesn’t do it. So I really don’t care.

Honestly the biggest concern here is the mouse wheel stunt but unless you’re using 3rd party software or alternated software the game physically won’t let you fire any faster. So technically we all can fire that fast it just might be harder for some. That being said, there’s no way Xbox ET or TC can analyze that you’re doing something that is considered not possible for everyone else therefore it’s probably not bannable.

This is why modded controllers go unpunished. It’s because they’re not firing faster there just firing the fastest, all the time. Which is harder and unrealistic for everyone else but technically still possible. So its hard for enforcers to actually determine if its a cheater or not.

(AliceInChainsaw) #10

Honestly, on PC, my simulated dolby surround sound headset gets me more kills than my fov does. I rarely see anyone until they pop around the corner but I heard them the whole way. (specially the Droid and armored loud pants kantus)

If surround sound is not available on Xbox, that’s one thing I’d agree is a for sure handicap.

(Mayhem64) #11

Well I didn’t know you could bind it to the scroll wheel. That might explain some ludicrously fast pistol fire I’ve seen when against a few PC players, so I don’t think it just be you mate.

(Ektope) #12

I never seen this before, looked pretty interesting.
But increased FOV makes the side view look weird and stretched.

(AliceInChainsaw) #13

Even without binding to wheel, I find it is pretty easy to get at least 8 clicks a second the traditional way using a mouse.

If the fire rate is an issue - TC needs to lock down the fire rate for the snub. It’s essentially a semi-automatic for myself in an emergency or when an enemy tries to run away.

(CraziestSock) #14

If your playing with people that have Cross play on then no. IF you are using a Xim, then yes you should be banned. People that turn off cross play know to never turn it on due to the unfair advantages you get on pc.

(Omen LP) #15

Lol, and people wonder why I have crossplay turned off…

(AliceInChainsaw) #16

I play on PC. I couldn’t use an Xbox controller to find my way out of a paper bag. I am regularly schooled by many Xbox players- I’ll also add that while it may be true to fire off snub rounds quicker with a mouse, keep in mind that we have zero aim assistance on PC.

That being said, to anyone else, if you’re using a XIM i feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a mouse ain’t worth paying $200+ for an adapter to shoot snub bullets faster.

(Circa Darkrage) #17

Getting headphones was the best thing I had ever done. Even a cheap pair of headphones at £30 that I got.

I don’t know how many times those headphones have alerted me to enemies that otherwise I would not have seen and challenged them. A definite advantage over TV speakers.

(CraziestSock) #18

That’s not the only reason people use Xim. Its mostly used to get around the fact games call for a controller but they use Xim to implement M/kb into games that shouldn’t have that support. Granted not all Pc players are gods, but the ones that I was getting matched against were wall bouncing so fast that I cant even turn to get a shot off before I was dead. Also just because you don’t have aim assist doesn’t mean a thing. A reason that we have semi aim assist on xbox is the fact you cant be ungodly when it comes to aiming. It takes a certain skill to actually use a controller and have really good accuracy, especially when you have to turn your stats to max to be able to keep up with people that have ungodly accuracy.

(MEME1616) #19

Maybe not cheating but I would call that something in the region of “doping” in sports.

You are giving yourself advantages that other (mainly console players) cannot get.

Why? Why not play fair? The few times I play on PC I connect my controller to the PC.

(AliceInChainsaw) #20

How do you know the people you are matching up against on PC aren’t using a controller? I’ve run across very few fellow PC players that use mouse and keyboard out of the total that I have come across and asked.

Xbox controllers have the advantage when it comes to movement. I have only 4 keys to move with. WSAD. Xbox controller has the entire axis built specifically for movements.