Rant: Ranked Achievements Stink

I go for all the achievements in Gears games, and this isn’t anything that hasn’t been said before by anyone who also goes for achievements in Gears games. But I gotta vent a little.

I’ve been playing a LOT of Ranked lately, trying to get the “Win a Ranked match on [every new map]” achievement. Those of you that have seen my posts before know that I’ve a self-proclaimed gimp when it comes to Versus.

But to be honest, I think I’ve gotten better! I’m no longer the utter deadweight that I used to be and can sometimes be the X factor on a team… not the MVP, but just having small clutch moments to “turn the tide” type of playing.

So how pissed off was I when I played Ranked KOTH and got River, Gridlock, and River again, which are the last two maps I need, only to end up with a quitter on my team in each game?

I’ll tell you that it wasn’t NEARLY as pissed off as I was when I got River a third time, won the first round and had 120 points on the second round when I got disconnected from the servers…

Ranked achievements are absolutely ridiculous. They lead to people playing the modes that don’t want to be there and don’t belong there, thereby ruining the experience of those who ACTUALLY like the mode and want to be there.

So. Frikkin. Frustrating!


Same for Horde Achievements


The current ones are fine. Annoying, sure. But as proven by 100k Kills it could be far worse.

You’re right! I do agree that if you don’t like Horde, it sucks there are achievements for Horde.

But I feel like a competitive mode like Ranked is worse, because you’re literally causing player-on-player disappointment, versus finally get through a match of Horde for an achievement as a cohesive team, with the only losers being a bunch of 0s and 1s.

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Between POP!, I just can play 1 or 2 ranked matches on weekdays

I played on every map on Ranked TDM, but I lose because of a quitter on my team. I have won on Clocktower only 1 time

And sadly, if I’m not doing this soon, when op6 appears getting these maps will be more difficult

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I agree, they aren’t terrible as far as Ranked goes. But I feel like there is more RNG in Ranked than compared to modes with ACTUAL RNG when you have to 1) hope the map gets picked, 2) hope your team doesn’t suck, and 3) hope the other team sucks slightly more than your team.

I know the solution to be said is to squad up, and I get that. But to be SO CLOSE to finishing those and have it ripped away like that because of nothing in my control is infuriating.

Trust me, I know that feel of aggravation when you finally get that one map you need and end up with literal potatos on your team.

But like I said, could always be worse. At least it doesn’t have to be a specific mode or faction. And even with a squad the server can mess you up.

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I like getting all the achievements too but with brain lag I have no business playing ranked. It was bad enough going for grind season. I know my disadvantages are dexterity, reflexes and overthinking to point where I just can’t compete.

Its easier getting these achievements in tdm than koth, at least in tdm u can control how/where u decide to fight. Only thing u need to worry about is ppl feeding the other tm kills.

Also tdm matches aren’t as long as koth matches can be, plus u wont get a 4 stack.

As for ranked achvs… I dont mind these ones, although i dont know why TC decided to put 2 achvs tied to the same maps🤦‍♂️

The worst achv we just got is to max these classes to lvl 20, im at 93% but ive been playing since launch.

Not an easy achv if u just started playing. Well done TC :+1:

“Foreshadowing” from Gears of War 3 comes to mind.

While playing as RAAM, execute Kim ten times in Versus.

Easily one of the worst achievements in the series.


? Had to look it up but all you needed were 4 ppl with double controller and some luck with matchmaking. That’s not too bad and I couldn’t remember it at all.
The Myrrah bossfight on Insane on the other hand. ■■■■ that.

If you want an actual bad example, Titanfall 1 had 2 achievements for winning every campaign mission with each faction. Campaign was a rolling playlist and you had no influence on which side you would end up. I’ve spent way too much time on getting that one final mission and the first 2 times I got it no burn cards would save me from my ■■■■■■■■ teammates.

Oh, and Judgment had some ■■■■ y achievements. The one where at least 6 ppl had to grind for the full golden customization thing on one specific map.

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I played TDM rather than KOTH to get the Places to Go, Monsters to Kill achievement. The matches go faster so you’ll get more opportunities to play on the maps.

I’m really not a fan of these map-based achievements in any game when they’re tied to modes with map rotations. What is the purpose of having achievements like this? What is the developer’s goal? Achievements like this are also needlessly frustrating for players coming late to the game, or launch players who are returning after a break. If Op6 and Op7 each add 5-6 more maps each, it will become much harder to get wins on these specific maps. Admittedly they’ve done similar things with PvE achievements by altering maps and nerfing skill cards.

Exactly, sadly I can see this been a trend going forward. I said it on TA and I’ll say it here if they insist on ranked achievements I’d prefer win x matches on any of these maps so you actually have a chance of making progress when you play all day and get every new map multiple times except the last one you need.

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This one is going to annoy the hell out of me. So far its the usual maps and when I one of these maps its an absolute slaughter lol. Ill keep playing so I might unlock the achievement but its so hard to get people to vote for these maps when the popular maps are always picked.

Update: Got River done in KOTH, and was even MVP (somehow)

To everyone saying TDM is easier, I agree, but I’m avoiding TDM at the moment until TC fixes the Ranked medals. In the meantime, I was working on KOTH round wins as well.


Fair enough. I don’t bother with the ranked medals because I only play the mode for achievements. I was more concerned about the maps appearing less frequently after the first week of Op5 so just wanted to get it done asap. Nexus was the problem map for me as it just wouldn’t show up in the rotation. Played plenty of matches on Gridlock and River (a fair few wins too) but Nexus only turned up once in about 3 hours.

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I thought that there will be always (at least for this op) one of the new maps to choose. Sadly isn’t true

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Today I could play only 1 match of ranked KotH (and was in a map that I don’t need it (Clocktower)) only because the previous 5 lobbies were dissolved after the map voting.

One of them was a tie between River and Gridlock (the 2 maps that I need) but 1 player didn’t like Gridlock and he left the lobby, so lobby was dissolved.

Seriously, this achievement will be annoying. Now if I were not grinding for POP! maybe I’ll find this less annoying, but anyways, this make people leave the match

Hearing that makes me happy I am not even going to try for it.