Rant about Ranked

When I start up a game of ranked. I at least, expect my teammates to try (regardless of rank) and the connection to be stable. But what I get (and I’m sure most if not all will agree) it’s one or neither. Either my teammates will sit in spawn for full rounds, leave 2-5 minutes into the game or perform badly. It’s annoying have to spend 20 to 30 minutes knowing we’re going to lose (it’s very rare to win a 4v5). More often than I would want to enjoy, the servers. In private matches, I have a fairly low ping (20-30) but as soon as play rank it’s all over the place. It may not seem so bad for certain people, but connection plays a bigger part than people think. Most gun fights don’t last any longer than a few minutes. So if my bullets don’t connect if I’m most likely dead even thought on my screen I shot them (or vice visa). Not to mention, I paid to have good connection and to have that stripped away is wrong. Obviously some people can’t but making me have to compensate is worst. As annoyed as I would be, I would just leave and find another lobby that will hopefully try to win. Now with the new suspension system, I’m going to miss out on completing the new challenges and it sucks. Even though I’m criticizing the game, I do enjoy the game. I want see the games after this improve and be better. I’ll most likely just miss out on the challenge skins and wait out the suspension and endure rank when I’m free.

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