Ranking up in FFA

Just hit Gold 1 in FFA. Ran into a brick wall. And been ranking up and down because I’ve been matching up with minimum 4-5 Esports/Masters players each game. Lol guess I’m not reaching Masters in FFA this OP.

Barely getting 5th and 6th place with 17–18 kills is annoying.

Anyways gonna go blow off some steam lol

How long have you been trying for? If you keep playing it’ll place you around people more of your skill level but that’s the grind with it. Sometimes you’ll go against people out of your league but you should be able to rack enough GP to progress slowly if at all.

I’m very much a casual player and I was able to get it Masters OP5 and 6 in FFA
you can definitely do it bro

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That happened to me when I reached Onyx 1, not a single onyx in my lobbies, just diamond and masters.

Started playing a little bit early and it improved, now I get a mix of onyx, diamond and the occasional master.

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this is also a thing. I know not everyone has the luxury of picking timezones but playing right now would be a pain, at least that’s what I’ve noticed. It’s better mid-day for me, less try hards.

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I’m literally playing Masters-level players lol 3-4 of them every game. Maybe just a string of bad luck. I can tell they’re Masters because they either have a mark/banner or just by their movement.

It’s just annoying when you’re only down 5 kills from 1st place and you’re in 7th lmao

Yeah I should’ve known better lmao. I’m literally finishing 6th and 7th but only 5-6 kills behind the guy in 1st most of the game.

Virtually everyone who plays FFA is a master.


Masters and esports players in gold? That’s a first


What helped me in previous operations was to switch when you play. during the day and/or night + late night.

Thanks for complimenting me :smile:

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From what I’m seeing on Twitch, it’s that Pro Players / people who are Masters level take someone else’s account from silver / gold all the way to Masters, in exchange for something like a Paid Subscription. Thus, you end up in Gold lobbies against people who are Master skill leveled.


I actually got to Masters pretty easily, the road to getting there was quick because so long as you place 5+, you’ll get a boost that really helps out.

Once in Masters, you have to place in at least 3rd to not lose any points

Don’t focus pickup weapons. In the time you waited for a weapon to spawn you couldve shot 5 people in their back.

Use flashes. People don’t expect it at all in FFA.

Only thing you can expect is if you’re the kill leader, others will team up to kill you first instead of going to the player right next to them


Yeah they need to take away the stink cloud around you when you’re kill leader. Theres 2 things i don’t like about FFA, the boomshot spawns too often and the stink cloud when you’re kill leader. Lol

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Wow lmao

Nah man last night was a rage fest for me lol. 6th or 7th place with 17-19 kills…while most of the game the top 3-4 players are within 1-2 kills of each other.

Not to mention the Op6 Gnasher is buns. I can get one shot downed from 15m but when I use it I shoot marshmallows lol

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I raged today as well, I’m very sure there is actual nuclear devices that do less damage than the shotgun rn

It’s so bipolar, it’s godly then it’s garbage