Ranking sytem for gears 5 if there will be one

I am sick and tired of dumb teammates, no offence TC and other players. Gears of war 4 is, and always will be a broken rank system. I don’t care what anybody says. Don’t hide the rank systems. Ranking should go based on not just wins, the ranking system should go based on the skill and the same rank. For example ( bronze should not be teamed up with a silver, gold , or higher. A bronze should be with a bronze, and silver should be with a silver, and so on. If you want to team up with friends or random gamers, and your squad is bronze, silver, gold, onyx, and diamond, then they should be the same rank. They all need to be bronze or all be silver and so on. There is nothing that TC will do about gears 4, but I am sick and tired of dumb teammates, and random rankings. It is just a mess. The ranking system needs to be organized. Stop having a bronze or a silver on a team of ONXY or Dimond. They rank up wile I am stuck on an imaginary percentage that only goes down most of the time and when I get like 5- 10 wins, I either stay the same or barley move up. Ya I know about the invisible rank %, but you know what, that is a lie and BS. )Stop parring me with bronze, silver, gold, or what ever level rank I am, just stop parring me with lower ranks. it’s these ranks on my team why I am stuck, or if the enemy team has a bunch of mixed ranks as well. I can’t rank up with mixed ranks.

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Winning matches does not mean you should go up in Rank, exclusively.

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re-read in the example. I was just using that as an example. You are not getting my point of view.

I did.

We all deal with the same system.

If I can get to Diamond playing as a 1/2/3 with terrible teammates, then anyone can - if you have the skill.

That’s the important part.

If you don’t have the skill level - then you will either be getting carried in games and your performance “boosted” because of that (game will not reward you % for this) or you won’t be able to step up and will struggle (what you are saying).

The reality is, if you are a certain rank, the game will eventually let you get to it.


I am not talking about gears of war 4 ranking system, I am saying this for gears 5. I don’t want TC to do the same mistake they did last time, sure this was there 1st time having a ranking system, I just hope Gears 5 will be better. Sure the contacts may include gears 4 ranking system, but my point of view is that GOW 5 hopefully will improve, and will be a reasonable system unlike GOW4

I can almost guarantee you Gears 5 will use Microsofts TrueSkill System.

Ryan Cleven has stated his belief in the system that it accurately predicts people’s rank.

TC Octus has stated in the ranking forum that the evidence they have shows that it accurately predicts results of matches.

All this again suggests the back end will be the same.

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this would never work and would make finding matches impossible. Also it would force friends of different ranks to play either by themselves or with randoms. I used to think the ranking system was trash but after looking into it for the most part it does work the way it is intended. But nothing is perfect. My biggest complaint with the ranking system is a person who got MVP should never lose any ranking for losing a match.

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players should not lose their rank % or rank if you teammates rage quit, or lose connection to the match, and yet you do anyways.

you dont really loose much if that happens but if you win then you gain a ton

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You are only going to lose percentage if you are due to lose percentage.

As in, if previous performances haven’t been good enough.

It’s not so much the loss, but that your Skill Level has decreased at some point.

So it’s balancing out.

It’s not always directly reflecting that match.

Although, it can be that you got MVP in KOTH based on a lot of Ring Captures but then didn’t pull you weight when it comes to Kills - also justifies losing percentage.

The game does recalculate for people quitting.

If you lose connection - then that’s on you.

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I understand how it works. But it doesnt always work they way its intended as I have experienced in season 4. And even if you are MVPing on a losing team its very unlikely you did it with pulling your weight because caps are the 1 of the main reasons you lost lol


Ryan Cleven and the ranking system :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


EDIT: I actually agree with OP but i mean i don’t see how it would work. The best solution i think should be a ranking system like halo where you never lose exp but keep gaining it so you progress over time. In other words a totally revamped ranking system or at least a prestige like system like when you re-up and you get access to exclusive unlockable items or cosmetics based on you prestige rank.

This ranking system makes me think of my Palm Pilot organizer… Anyone here remember those?

The Palm Pilot was around about the same time as the Apple Newton, but there was one big difference: the Newton tried to understand your ‘natural’ handwriting. The palm pilot forced you to write in a certain way - and when you did, it responded perfectly .

This ranking system is similar - if you want to rank up, you have to do things in the way it wants you to do - it will not recognize your ‘natural’ great performance, your performance needs to line up with what IT considers good.

As long as you keep doing well, by ITS definition of well, losses won’t really hurt you… I hear you about stupid team mates, I’ve lost most of the last 10 KOTH games I’ve played (mostly due to team mates not rotating, not setting up, running around for random 1v1s across the map, etc), and my total movement over those games was about -2.5%… I’m fine with that…

And when I do well, by the defintion of what the system thinks is well, I move up…

If you’re not moving up, or if you are seeing big drops with losses (unless you’re in high Diamonds, where any loss can be very painful), then you need to “do more”.

What’s more? Try watching about 10min starting from this point, and ask yourself, are you really doing this?

Honestly, GOW 4 has the most accurate ranking system I have ever seen. I see a lot of people complaining. Maybe stop worrying about your rank so much and just enjoy the game.

I’m going to say that it’s true on the whole but it does have its flaws in some of the way it works and can easily be manipulated.

I think the one thing people dont understand is that each rank has a limited population. So if you perform what you think is well doesnt mean you performed well enough to surpass someone else within the population. In KOTH i was getting 25 caps a match with 80+ kills until i hit Onyx 3 at 93% now i hit a wall, And i just started facing Diamonds now which is a whole new world and obviously im not putting up the same numbers any more. So I need to adjust and find a way to improve my skills/performance.

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Yeah, people don’t realise that Diamond Rank is a small percentage of people will limited spaces.

Pretty sure gears 4 uses true skill 2 , which is 68% accurate, which means its wrong 32% of the time. This is a significant variance.


Add in the fact that the behavior of the game fundamentally changes when various qualities of connections are present and you may as well completely disregard the ranking system.

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You know, I really don’t have a problem with this system overall, sure, I can think of other approaches, but I have zero faith that ANYTHING would be embraced by everyone.

Well, I do have ONE problem with it, and I wish they would address it (but I don’t expect them to): I wish they would reset EVERYTHING each season. This “long term trend” crap really hurts people who decide to try and get better, at some point - their carry their poor performance in earlier seasons forever… I think that’s BS…

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True-ish skill