Ranking system?

I know I know I know, another ranking system post. I don’t even care about rank but seriously do we have ANY idea how it works? I was anywhere from Onyx 2 to Gold 3 in Gears 4 and I think high gold is probably where I belong, but I’ve been silver in 5 since launch despite (I think) what feels like a decent win loss rate. And again, yes I know that everybody is having this issue, I’m sorry! But I just won a guardian match, against a favored team, with no quitters, and lost 2200 pts? I had a good game too, 2700ish pts with 17 elims against I think 7 deaths? I won a round as leader, killed the enemy leader AS the leader. Like…wtf else am I supposed to do?!

Maybe I just don’t know how to read it?