Ranking System with Versus

What’s wrong with the ranking system like how many games do you have to play to rank up your tier and when you win constantly it doesn’t even go up like explaination please.

You can read about how the ranking system works here. Also it would best if you posted your feedback/concerns/questions in the main ranking system discussion & feedback thread. This will allow TC to see all discussions on the ranking system in one place.

Also Octus regulary responds to people’s post there, so he can perhaps clarify some questions you may have if you post there.

All are these new people joining just trolls?

doubt it, perhaps he is new to the game and genuinely doesnt know how the ranking system actually works. Its not like the game gives an explanation.

And people wonder why gears has a hard time retaining potential new people

Well maybe if people that just joined use the search bar instead of making duplicate threads then we wouldn’t have questions like mine now would we?

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Nah I’m not new to the game I’ve played gears for the longest