Ranking system too simple?

I was just thinking what if the ranking system was based
on your angular approach to fights instead of your placing on the leaderboard.
Along with how much damage you put into players that die.
IMO support players and all their assists aren’t praised enough.
A lot of good players get left in the desert of onyx 1 and gold 3.
Meanwhile the only reason a shotgunner can get a kill most of the time,
is because I get 90 points every single time they fight.

Just something I think should be discussed. A ranking system based on how much damage you put into a player along with your angular approach on positioning and ability to land lancer shots. For example you run up behind someone who has no awareness of your presence; who is fighting your teammate with a shotgun and you miss; they out strafe you and chunk you. You’re dead.

A good ranking system IMO will punish you severely. Why should you get punished? Easily you could have played for a higher damage per second calculation and lancer or pistoled this person in the head assisting your teammate but you got thirsty for a kill.

You should now be playing with people who make these same mistakes until you prove that you take a much different approach to fights. I hope as a good business you guys at The Coalition can take this advice and implement this into a beta playlist.

Like my boy vnam said on fight night stream tonight. There is a difference between playing to win and playing to not lose and some kids just play for kills instead of wins. These people should get the bronze ranks. I hope I got my idea across and you can try to figure out the rest on your own if anything else comes to mind I will probably post.

Resetting rotating waiting and team pushing is the key to winning in gears. I see a lot of different play styles today and a lot of them are very misleading. Some people are too aggressive and don’t see anything they’re doing as dangerous to themselves. They think just a game so they should gut just a rank instead of an amazing rank. Hope someone vouches for me and can add to this.

I agree for the most part. As a player who gets tons of assists and does a ton of damage in getting those assists I would love if Gears showed stats like damage dealt and damage taken and even assist %. And I think these things should be considered when tracking rank.

Too many matches I find my teammates camping corners with there Gnashers out watching one another fight 1v2s and 1v3s without providing any help. Nothing more aggravating than losing a fight to a couple of people who just out angled you because they had support and I didn’t. Then when I support my teammates and they start racking up the kills my rank doesn’t move up because I finished 3rd and either broke even or finished 1 kill negative.

And even worse are the time that I’m supporting a teammate and get flanked because the guy didn’t walk around the corner my teammate was behind so my teammate didn’t shoot or even spot the guy because he wasn’t going to get the kill.

It’s extremely aggravating playing with players who are higher rank but all they can do is hit someone with a Gnasher for 83% and think they are a monster one shotting people when really we’re back here assisting all day. Then when you need them to give you those extra 20 points of damage they aren’t skilled enough to know to switch to a rifle or pistol.

I think that the worst players end up on top due to how many points you get from capping home hills. Time and time again I lose because some kid is just capping hills and puts like a boltok down instead of a boomshot where we’re winning fights. Kills should definitely be more points than hills just because of this fact right here. Now breaks should gain you a ton of points. But straight capping a hill shouldn’t. I also believe the amount of points you get for a break or cap should be determined by how clutch the play was. Angling positioning and highest damage calculation possible during a team fight is everything. I’m tired of seeing kids sit in one spot instead of helping or running in a straight line and getting killed thinking theyre helping because theyre approaching you in a fight instead of maintaining distance and support firing. Too many kids slay. The shotgun should literally be a power weapon at this point but I dont want to go as far as to take the only fun weapon to use in the game out of the arsenal.

This is the kind of thinking that has no place in Escalation or KOTH. These are objective based gametypes. The objective is to cap hills, not to prove how 1337 you are by racking up kills and doing zilch to actually help your team win. This is why I had to quit my favorite gametypes and switch to Social games exclusively now. Players who just think kills will win a match.

Sure, kills are necessary to prevent the opposing team from scoring, but that should be the only reason for making a kill. Not so much if you’re on the other side of map in a 1v1.

After quitters and AFK’ers, non-contributors are my 3rd worst pet peeve in Gears. If I’m struggling to get caps, I don’t want to see 3 teammates with less than half the caps I have, and especially not zero cappers. And what’'s wrong with capping home hill? That’s what everyone should be doing, or at least half the squad if the others go to B or enemy’s home.

“Support” players aren’t all that effective in ESC/KOTH either, for the same reasons. You support your team by helping cap the hill/s. Period.

If y’all like kills so much, stick with the TDM types. Leave the hill games to those who play it right.

Now, as for the OP’s suggestions: I’m not sure I’m fully understanding what you’re describing, but besides Damage and Assist Damage, it’s difficult for any ranking system to determine a ‘rank’ based on ‘stealth tactics’, approach angles, positioning, and such as they are not quantifiable metrics.

Meaning, they don’t produce simple numbers that can be plugged into some ranking algorithm. It would be nice if it factored these complexities, but I’m not quite sure the tech is there yet.

The actual hill capping only goes down because of people getting killed.
No one is going to allow you to cap b.
No one is going to allow you to snag their home.
It requires someone to die for the person who gets all the points for capping to complete a break or capture.
Now if that player single handedly breaks caps and kills a whole squad he should be ranking up higher than anyone in the game.
But since this rarely happens, the ranking system should be based off of how well you maneuver the map.
Did you have shots on the player before your less experienced teammate died?
You should rank up for that and not be in the same league as that player.
It’s a very hard argument but, capping hills should not reward so many points because ANYONE can do it.
It does not take precision aiming to cap a hill.
Kills are what gets you to the caps which win the game.

Some times you can sneak past a whole team and cap the hills.
Thats a way to rank up right there; you know?
This discussion can be used to specify how the ranking system SHOULD be.
I hope by the end of this thread we can come to a conclusion where everyone agrees.
I’m afraid TC rushes into things when everyone posts about the same complaint.
If we actually come up with a ranking system that works they can use it.

For example what if the ranking system was based on sr like overwatch.
But instead of ranking up after the match just for winning, your rank is determined by how well you did during the match.

This calls for readjustment of the point system.
Kills, downs and assists should be rewarded by the percentage of damage you placed on an opponent before they were down.
Did you shoot that person one time?
You should be rewarded less points (sr) for doing so.
If this player is in a position where your teammate couldn’t reach and you hit that one shot, that is major points right there.

Adjusting the ranking system can definitely be done and should be done.
The idea I have for a ranking system wouldn’t necessarily only work for gears,It could be adopted by any franchise. I am only taking other peoples ideas and adding the competitive in game elements which should truly be brought to light.

I’m thinking ribbons like : distraction, bait, rotating to a vantage point etc.

Got to disagree. It’s based on points you gain currently. Which is practically damage you do + objectives you do. I’m an old school gnasher player. Rarely see me with over 5 downs in a escalation or king of the hill. Yet I’ll have 50+ kills. And my frustration is the people that only lancer and don’t go to the hill until there own team controls it. Don’t help cap or anything like that. And if that’s the case they deserve the lower rank. A lot more to the game than just kills. And if your talking about a kill based game type then if you truely do more damage than the person who gets the kill with the gnasher. You get rewarded with more points them then. Making the whole argument invalid. Because the biggest things that rank you up are mvp and smooth operator which people that just sit and lancer get a huge advantage at. Just my opinion though

Honestly I don’t think you fully understood what I said
because, you can help cap hills from a distance.
Gnasher is only effective from very close range.
From a very far distance it is possible to land around 6 lancer shots in bursts.

Coming to a new point. Missing crucial shots with the automatic weapons should result in rank loss.

I would love to see a very deep ranking system come into play. It started coming into play in gears 3 with the ribbons but they never really had a visual ranking system for us to work on specific aspects of the game. I’m thinking a level 50 like halo system but your assistance and effort are what get you your rank. A bad team can get you a loss but if you try your best to make a random player look good you should not have to be forced to play on that randoms level ever again. Unless… they actually get better at the game.