Ranking system - please improve

A quick rant, would be nice if the coalition recognized this a little bit.

I’m a KOTH player strictly, I play with one person always I have tried to organize teams but my mates don’t play GOW so its difficult, I am hating the ranking system in this game so much, not to gloat but I finish my games almost 100% as MVP with 15+ caps and 30+ kills yet I’m still only Gold 2 because I can’t always win due to stacks. its infuriating and I think the ranking system needs to change asap.
Additionally I understand why they do it but the weapon tuning is APPALLING and the server spikes are making actually just want to stop playing the game.

So much more to rant about but I see the community are doing well at targeting key issues so I’ll leave it at that, just wish the coalition would understand its not whiney gamers moaning its a community that love the GOW games trying to reach out to the developers to improve it. To be honest gears is comparable to a nieche market really, compared to the likes of COD etc, so they should be looking out for their loyal customers alot more.

Hope everyone has a nice day, PS sorry for any errors im writing this at work lol

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