Ranking system Operation 4

I know TC does not care what I have to say and the general gears community doesn’t understand but this ranking system is horrible and should not be praised or deemed a step in the right direction. This ranking system takes 0 skill into consideration. When you get mvp in QuickPlay you get a bonus in xp. Why in ranked where it matters most you get nothing for it?

If I beat a bunch of bronze players I will get the same gears points as beating master and diamond if I perform the same. I have been master in every operation. No offense but the people who like this ranking system are perpetual silver players. Anybody who is diamond or master does not like the steep 170+ penalty to play. It literally makes it mathematically impossible for your individual performance to balance out the penalty other than winning because it is capped at 100 GP.

Winning but being the bottom player of your team will guarantee a faster rank up than a player who gets mvp who both wins and loses because of how steep the penalty is. I really dislike this system and will quit gears already achieving the top of what competitive rank play has to offer. These are my last words whether they are read or not. I no longer officially support the gears franchise financially and will put the game to rest now!

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