Ranking System Needs Changes

As others have stated before, the ranking system needs reworking. Not likely to happen for this iteration of Gears but feedback needs to be given to TC with regard to attaining rank in Gears 5 multiplayer.

Without trying to be boastful, I’ve been playing Gears since the first release and I know I’m a better player than average. Thing is, I solo queue.

I get MVP or most points on my team regularly and yet, I’m a silver 1. Why? Because my team gets stomped when I’m playing against Onyx and Diamonds or one or two players quit from my team and we get gang banged.

It’s so frustrating to have such a low rank when I can boss most Onyx players.

We need to have ranked solo search in Gears 5 so that matches don’t end up being won by stacked Onyx and Diamond teams, meaning it is difficult to attain better than bronze and silver ranks if you play solo.

I just had this match which is a prime example:

My team couldn’t cope with their teamwork and I was having to rush in as everyone on my team was camping spawn. Even rushing, I was getting doubles and trips in gnasher battles against these players. Match before that, I got 15 kills and 4 deaths and lost, therefore losing rank percentage.

Granted both teams have 2 unranked players in this but my point is more that I lost rank percentage in this match for the 3rd time running when I was playing well.

Frustrating and we need change.

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