Ranking System & Matchmaking Suggestions

In the off chance the coalition does read these I wanted to offer some suggestions to help make the ranking system and matchmaking more efficient. Keep in mind there is no such thing as a perfect system as it is opinion based and there are numerous variables.


I like that nobody can be one more tier higher or lower than you. However, a partied up squad of 5 has a massive advantage over smaller squads or solos of similar skill. A squad of 5 should have to play a squad of 5. If unable to find one then they should have to play a squad of 4 with the solo player being the highest allowed tier for the match. If unable to find a squad of 4 then they should play a squad of 3 with the other two players being the highest tier allowed for the match and so on.

Ranking System

The general idea of everyone starting out as bronze 1 and earning GP to rank up isn’t bad. However, the numbers need to be tweaked in order for a players true skill to be determined. As is right now, a total of 250 GP can be earned per match. 60% (150) of that comes from a win and 40% (100) comes from individual stats. I believe that more GP should be earned through individual stats instead of a win, as that gets us closer to a players true skill. 80% (200) of GP should come from individual stats and 20% (50) from a win. Cap at 85 eliminations, 15 caps, and 15 breaks. This will allow good players on bad teams to still achieve their true rank and vice versa.

These are just my opinions and am interested to hear others ideas.

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