Ranking system leaves me speechless

Every single game and I mean every single game I play I always get a worthless teammate that I have to carry. It happens so often I legitimately believe there’s some sort of force of nature working against. I don’t think I’ve ever been carried in 2v2 Gnahsers ever. I only get terrible teammates.

I get it. I solo que. but you would think eventually I would get paired up with a decent player. How is it that 10 matches in a row (no exaggeration) my teammate doesn’t get more than 3 kills.

I’m Masters Rank top 1%
I shouldn’t be getting paired with people who just bought the game yesterday.

What is this algorithm that they’re using for the ranking system? it doesn’t work at all…


TC has announced that they are completely scrapping this system.

They don’t know when the change will happen though.

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Oh look! A flag! Let’s grab it Gridiron style! :black_flag:

I would even go as far as locking certain game modes off for players who don’t meet a skill threshold


Or having proper separation of ranks, rather than the current system where bronze players can be in a master lobby.


Its cause you’re obviously stealing all their kills


I wish that was the case.

agreed, they need a system based off of WINS and thats it!!

It has been that way for a long time now. The problem is the way matchmaking builds teams not the ranking system.

We the players are to blame for this because we want the same game as last time so new players stop playing causing wait time to increase if the system matched players by skill level. Some complained about long wait times to find a match so TC changed the team building process to match teams based on total team skill points. This happened in gears of war 4.

Those complainers got exactly what they asked for short wait times to be placed in a match. This has turned the performance based ranking system into a broken mess because masters get put with silvers and bronzes to make matches faster.

We can’t have it both ways. We either have to wait longer for the matchmaking system to find players near our rank or throw the ranking system out and just throw who ever is available added together skill wise to match that other team to be put in matches faster.

Honestly your all wrong. Rank is meaningless cause online play is so jacked off, how can you really gage any skill?


I agree, but I also agree that the ranking system is screwed beyond belief. Latency issues aside the way it’s currently score how you drop by 50% on a loss but only go up 2% for a win the -1601 game to the 0 points for a win is just ridiculous. It’s just not worth getting frustrated over.

Bring back guardian!

Getting a little tired of hearing people want to be matched up against their peers, what happened to just playing the game. Back in the day it didn’t matter who you were playing rank wise, come on TC put the fun back in the game quit being so granular!


I love playin 5 man teams solo or with one friend !

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yeah i think offten times poeple beleive its lack of skill on behalf of the player. while i am sure that is there there are plenty of factors and variables that mislead a person skill set.

as we all know ping or packet loss is just one. last night in KOTH. I was lancer this guy heade on peg to his head and he made it all the way to me to one shot me. 93% damage and he was not even down.

in the clip below I hear the toruge bow gearing up role in to cover and wait for it he fires after i am in cover and I die with 3 hist from a single shot torgue bow. WTF.

At the end of the day the higher ranks are living off the backs of bronze and silver. Its far worse for us then them. If they want to mix great but find a way so bronze and silver are measured apart from a 125 elimations diamond .

I mean i can not catch a freaking break. as you know i have posted plenty about this. finally hit silver 2. 2 games later bame back down bronze 2. WTF i played good enought to get there then all the sudden i am back where i started.


Until TC realizes that the matchmaking between members of the same team is equally as important as the matchmaking between opponents, Gears will have terrible matchmaking. It is not fun for anyone when “close matches” are the result of a Diamond/Master carrying Silver/Golds against a stack of Onyx 3s. The system is saying this if a fair match, but it’s completely frustrating for the mismatched team. The Silver/Gold is having a bad time being little more than fodder, and the Diamond/Master is sweating bullets to keep things even remotely competitive. Usually to an MVP loss.

The first step to achieving better matchmaking is to completely stop pairing up solo queued players with squads. No amount off matchmaking fiddling will ever be able to rectify the enormous disadvantage this poses to the solo players.

This will result in soloes only playing against other soloes, full stacks only playing against other full stacks, 2 and 3 stacks getting paired together, and 4 stacks being banned outright.


Preach. It baffles me as to why this was ever allowed.


It feels as if the Ranking system is backwards. Like I’m seriously getting terrible players every single match; back to back. Like it’s matching the opposite rank of me. I wonder if I start playing terrible I’ll get better players

It’s been discussed for ages and we have some degree of confirmation from TC itself
a masters player weigh from 19800 to 20000 points, to balance a presence like this in a team that usually goes up to 60-70k total, means one or more players need to weigh as less as possible hence so many bronze in masters lobbies

they’re going to rebuild the ranking system but I haven’t read a single word on how matchmaking will place players against each other
point gain/loss after a match is sure a concern since day1
still, if they were to mitigate the frustration of gaining few / losing many points this still won’t account for low rank players being in masters lobbies

I don’t play Gears 5 ranked. I cannot comment from experience but will player numbers not affect it anyway? Surely the fewer that play will inevitably force lower and higher ranks together.

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It has been like that from the start though.

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