[RANKING SYSTEM ISSUES] Ranking Score only goes down not up


A week ago i was Silver 2 with over 80% and it was jumpig there and back with few % based on the way i played and the score, KD ratio and team winning or loosing.

Now, past week or so it only goes down. If i win the match i get 0% up but if i lose it goes instantly with over 5% or more down.
This happens even if our team looses and i am MVP with 13/2 kills in the team and in opposite team was killed Gold or Onyx by me.

I thin this is more than unfair and this was not like that before.
Please take look in to my situation as soon you will find time for it.

Thank you and best regards,

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Join the ever growing not so exclusive club. I am in yoir same situation. They are probably going to lock this and tell you to post here. [Main] Ranking System Discussion, and Feedback instead of fixing the problem.