Ranking system is trash

I’m Onyx 3 in KOTH, with a full party going against other full parties, all games we have had equal or below equal team ranking wise. I got 5 mvp back to back and have not move a single percent. In the best case senario where we win both rounds and i have went positive and gotten mvp i still remain the same rank percentage, but on the other hand when i lose i drop 8 percent. Obviously their system is flawed and should be changed completely. TC needs to stop being hard headed lose their egos and listen to what the community wants as there is countless number of threads similar to mines. This just proves how they are money hungry due to the fact that they only care about Gears 5 and Esports packs and not actual gameplay. Now there is no need to link how the “system is suppose to function” as i have read it multiple times and it doesnt reflect what happens in game.

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I don’t really think that money has much to do with the ranking system

I’m just gonna flat out say it: The ranking system is possibly one of the worst ones out there

There’s no excuse behind it, whether it’s money or feelings or anything, there’s many games using ranked systems properly that they could’ve modeled off of & they chose not to, and have been facing extreme blowback by the community for what’s about to go on two years now.

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Its HEAVILY about money. the only thing TC works on is things money related. If its not esports they dont fix it. no reason the ranking system hasnt been changed after this many complaints and they wonder why nobody plays the game any more. somebody needs to get fired for change to happen.

If you really want the ranking systemm changed then its worth posting critical feedback on what TC can do on the main discussion and fedback thread here. Constructive feedback goes a long way than simply just vague sfatements/posts

Also that thread gives an explanation of how the ranking system works currently, so it may be worth to give a read.

Though to be honest with you, I rather they do away with the ranking system entorely and keep everything as social. Because its clear ranking system is causing nothing but problems.

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Critical feedback, if youre gonna keep the same ranking system then dont put people in matches that will only set them up for failure( meaning can only lose rank and not improve). consistency, accuracy. the way they say it works doesnt reflect what happens in game. atleast for KOTH, i got two other diamonds and i feel like the ranking system was better in those gamemodes.

Please use the link that was provided above to provide your feedback on the ranking system.
Also, make sure to be following the guidelines when posting on this forum.

Thank you.