Ranking System Is terrible

Okay So I’ve had enough with the inconsistent Ranking in Gears 4. Its easier said then done I know. But its something to consider for Gears 5. Here’s a idea… MAKE IT ABOUT POINTS. I know you make wins and loses less “volatile” BUT its still very uneven. I’ll win a match get MVP and move up 5-15 percent. Then I lose a match and still get MVP and go down 5-15 percent (or rarely stay the same) because somebody quit. That makes no sense. BASE IT OFF POINTS. Top 5 guys of whole match will either get ranked up % Or just stay still, based it on K.D and if they won or not. It makes me furious when you get MVP and you lose because some jerk quit. Now I get ranked down because somebody left. Sure there is penalty but its still screwing every team mate. The Collation Is failing big time. Some jerk told me online he always quits because when you quit it doesn’t count as a lose. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE QUIT. You guys are too focus recycling content then actually fixing the ranking systems. Its the fact if I win but not get mvp my % will stay the same even if I’m within 300 of the mvp. If god forbid I lose even with others quitting I get deranked in my %.


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