Ranking System is still broken

This will never change… After loosing a single game got from gold 3 to gold 1 ! Is it so hard to create a balanced system and not a frustrating one like Gow4 and this ? Cmon…

Is rank really that important in the tech test?? Just wondering

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Absolutlely not, but the complete game will be released in 1 month and a half and i don’t think ranking system will be very different from the one we are seeing now

Ugh… people are grinding for rank in a server test. The sweat is real…

Things like this are the reason for this test. TCs getting a ton of info for what needs to be fixed. And people on here need to start scrolling and see that theres already 100 of post like this

I know for a fact that the ranking system isn’t working correctly right now.

Maybe once the server issues fully resolve.

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