Ranking system is still bad(rant)

so im Onyx 3 KOTH, getting mvp against teams of similar skill and i dont go up, i go on winstreaks and i see no improvement. Does TC not understand how long a KOTH game is? Too damn long to win, do good and not go up. Later they put me against a D4 and all o3, while i have a teammate who quit and a Gold 2, lose the game and go down 7%. Yes Yes Yes because the RaNkInG SyStEm ThOuGhT AcCuRrAtLy and predicited i would have won the game lol. Ill stash this in the back of my mind when gears 5 comes out. not even going to bother and tell them my thought on how to fix most likely it wont be taken. Comment and let me hear your wonderful experience with the ranking system.

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You do realise ranting isnt going to get you anywhere right? Given that your previous rant thread got locked, it would be ideal if you posted in a constructive manner in the Ranking discussion & feedback thread and followed the guidelines.

If you missed @EVIL_0NE’s post then you can check it out here.


Lets leave it all in one thread.