Ranking System is not good


I rank up easy with always having a positive kd. Regardless of winning or losing. You could be MvP but die alot and that is how u lose points. Also you will gain points faster if you kill streak constantly.
I agree the system is trash but it follows your performance better than you may think.
Oh also if you get hit by the train in asylum and lasers in exhibit, you better get on a 6 kill streak quick cause your gonna lose 500 points lol.
Question for any, the total team skill points at match end. Does that mean total points on that particular game type as a whole team or is it total complete skill points as all game types together as a whole?

Ranking system and matchmaking is in absolute shambles. I have better stats than I did in Gears 4 and I cant get out of Silver.

There’s a serious discrepancy when it comes to amount of points lost vs points earned. Example: I went 20-8 with a score of 2800 in a 3-1 Guardian victory. Won most of my 1v1s, maybe two eliminations at most, killed the leader multiple times and overall had a pretty solid match. My points at the end of the game? -70.

All this because the first and only round we lost I went like 3-3 and received -170. The other three rounds I went 17-5 but only combined for +100. And this isn’t an isolated incident either. It happens to me quite a bit and is one of the reasons why I’ve been stuck on Gold 1 for weeks now.

That’s my biggest gripe with this trash tier system we have. One bad round can completely ■■■■ up an overall good game.

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seems fine to me

TDM Bronze/Silver was a bit slow but after I made it past those huge player pools I’ve made progress up the Ranks. Last night alone I went from Gold1 to Onyx1 within 2 hours.

Hey recognized you from many of my Guardian matches. My experience has been the same climbing this ranked system.

Huge penalties for rounds loss as leader especially. Being leader is a lose-lose situation. If you camp back/rotate around to supply your team with spawns, you end up with too low a score/min and you lose ranked points. On the flip-side you can be aggressive, but with one false move or say you lose track of who is flanking you and end up dying as leader… you’ll lose a significant amount of ranked points. Because of this, you can have a stellar match, earn MVP, and still lose quite a bit of skill rating in the process.

I can’t stand being leader, which is a problem as a good player for obvious reasons… good players will be guardian many times over because of how the gamemode works.

I’m currently hard stuck in diamond 2. I can’t seem to overcome losing rounds in this tier and much as i could through gold and onyx. Solo queue just ain’t cutting it anymore.

I hope TC makes some adjustments for how the leader gains and loses skill points . It’s just not a fair system the way its set up currently.

I’m not saying that everyone on the winning team should earn the same amount of points. I’m saying that the entire team should get positive points but the players with lower scores shouldn’t get awarded nearly as much as the players leading the team. This would make it harder for the worse players to get carried into higher ranks. I think its not very fair to deduct points from players that are placing 2nd and 3rd on the winning team. Maybe they are playing a more supportive role or maybe the person in first is absolutely slaying the other team, but the game punishes them for that? Doesn’t make sense to me

Well i dont think someone with 18 eliminations (KOTH) in three rounds should get positive points, but if they outperform their rank they should go up. Outperforming Bronze I should be a pretty low bar.

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Im not sure if 18 eliminations in 3 rounds is above Bronze I though. My question is does this current ranking system take into consideration the rank of your opponent or only the team skill rating? Because Gears 4 im pretty sure took into account the rank of your opponent. If you were Gold and you faced a team of Onyx you could go up but you couldnt really go down. To me it doesnt seem like that is the case with Gears 5. I have lost a lot of points against opponents that were clearly higher rank than me not just in their skill but actually on the Master list. A Silver 2 should not be losing points against a team with 2 Master Ranked Players on it.

Yeah. the leader should be getting a set amount of points per minute just by staying alive. IMO, I think 250 per minute is fair.

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Are these any good?

Nah total trash :stuck_out_tongue:

But not sure why you’re replying to me. You have good stats and are a high rank. Which was point. You probably consistently perform well.

You asked the guy who made the post to show his stats so I posted mine as a joke.

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Posts gif of joke flying over head

It’s too early. Haven’t had my coffee lol.

But yeah, if you play well, you will get a good rank. You’re easily going to be Masters. Yeah, there are things to hate with this ranking system. It’s not perfect, but if you play well, you will go up, even if there are games you go down.

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Im always on the bottom of the team :grin:

The ranking system really isnt that bad its the matchmaking that is a nightmare.

Of course matchmaking isnt going to have as much of an impact on Diamond/Master players.

I got worse :disappointed_relieved:


Congrats! I just got Gold I. Im celebrating !! Party at my house!

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