Ranking system is jacked up

So in the last 24 hours I have dropped a full 95% in ranking. I have not quit any matches and have actually played well and won more than I lost…I do have to admit that there were a couple losses that were very bad in terms of the people we lost to and how we were all ranked…but still that is waaaaayy too much of a drop. Is anyone else experiencing dramatic decreases in rank despite playing well in the last couple of days? Cause this is ridiculous

OK I may be well off with this but if what I saw was correct and I interpreted it correctly, the pool of players is allocated to ranks in terms of %. So Master Diamond is X % of players.

I read that this way - although you are playing your own Match, you are also competing with other players not in your Match. If they are doing better than you, you may well fall in Rank.

Do I know much about this? Nope! I’ve never read much about it because I don’t play in a way that I will have a high Rank so it is unimportant to me. The Stat above was just something I stumbled over in a non related Thread.

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

What you said sounds correct. It must be a combination of me losing some and other players having really good nights. Still though I’ve never experienced such a quick drop off like this

Play to have fun, play to kick as, play to win, and you will have a great time…

Play for rank, and you will rage at their screwed up implementation of a 1v1 ranking system, clumsingly applied to ranking individual members in a team competition.