Ranking System Is Awful

The ranking system on Gears 5 is absolute ■■■■. I lose more points for winning a ranked match than I do if I lose a ranked match. What the hell Coalition y’all should test out your damn ranking system because it sucks ■■■. You can win so many matches and go down but if you lose you gain some points why the hell haven’t y’all fixed that ■■■■. You can’t wonder why people don’t play the game because the versus sucks ■■■ the horde sucks as well. The ranking system makes no sense and you should really play your own versus to see how it works and understand why folks complain the way they do. Really need to fix it because it is awful beyond awful. The spawns are ■■■■■■■ terrible with folks spawning behind you and ■■■■ what is up with that?

Again we/they are aware of that they re working on it . Be patient and stop complaining about that. It has been said several times now

I understand that but some folks aren’t as patient. I love Gears, yes, but it is frustrating with how the system works.

If you love gears just play your best each time and don t pay attention to the ranking right now . I know its frustrating i think the same. But well it will be fixed for sure , dunno when but it will. If you re good and don t deserve your actual rank you ll go up for sure later don t worry :grin:

I play my best every match I do and yeah it is super frustrating.

I’ve pretty much stopped playing ranked until it’s sorted out coz I’m tired of it

Casual is more fun IMO rn anyway but once fixed it should be alright hopefully :+1:

Yeah i must say ive never been so upset winning matches lol i sincerely hope they didn’t try to implement the same rank system for all game types because that would be pretty foolish comparing deaths in TDM to deaths in KOTH. Wins need a 10x multiplier and people should be credited for playing the objective. I get LITERALLY 1st or 2nd in every single match and lose points 90% of the time lol. Also can we at least see the ranks of the people we’re playing against (small favor) it would really help to get a better idea of how I truly performed.

Better learn some patience. It will help you in all aspects of life