Ranking system in gears 5

The ranking system in gears 4 was sort of odd as in I felt I was never put into a rank I believed I should have been in, like I play with loads of diamond players and i do better than them or are on the same level ish but my rank apparently says other wise. I hope in gears 5 it’s more you know accurate because to be honest some of those diamond players out there play like a gold 3 lol

People overrating themselves and thinking they “deserve” a higher rank because the individual has the bias to think so?

Well I never!

Try playing without the Diamonds, perform better than everyone else in the lobby and then watch the percentage increase.

You can post some screenshots of your matches if you want some basic analysis.

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How dare you request this. He is a D5, straight up

The thing is I do ! And when I said diamonds I mean there on the opposite as well as mine and I’d get MVP for the match and follow it up with loads more good games doing just as good as the last and I just think what’s stopping me from moving up ? I play and play and nothing happens

I think you mis-understand and underestimating our friend.

He is Diamond 10 Master Super Duper Sensei.

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Post them screenies and lets see what’s happening.

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Stupid ranking system. Bet he’ll get Masters rank in Gears 5

For sure,

Before even booting up the game!

As Hagrid says in the first Harry Potter:

“He’s had his name down ever since he was born!”

Why you guys just making fun of me now ?

I’m making fun of myself.

I’ve always wanted to go to Hogwarts.

I still wait by the door for the post and a letter coming in :disappointed:


I cant tell if your just making fun still but Harry Potter is great.

Mate I love Harry Potter.

Now the world knows.


Same. Glad to exist in this generation lol Theres a lot of great things I’m glad to have experienced whilst growing up and Harry Potter is one of them

What region are you?

We can play together maybe on Sunday if you’re free and see how well you perform and maybe you can give me some pointers and tips to improve.

EU I live in London lol and yeah sure man, Sunday is a bit away tho ? You busy or something

I’m not home till Sunday.

And nice, I’m from Manchester/Cheshire.

Oh cool I understand

Just let me know on here or via Xbox messages.

I’ll try and be on at least twice before 5,

Sunday and one of the weekdays following it.

Yh man will do ,
I was originally onyx and I stopped playing for many seasons lol but I’ve started playing again to get ready for 5

Don’t worry about it,

We can both gain that percentage together.

I normally get 5-20% per win.