Ranking system idea

I would love to see a different rank progressing system in gears 5. This is just something I thought of and would like to hear others opinions on it.
It would consist of point system like Rainbow 6 but it would be a set amount of 25 points per win or loss would be added or taken away from the amount the player processes. The difference would be that ribbons and placement of score during the match would dictate how many extra points you earn.

So say you win the game you would get 25 points for that and you also get mvp and smooth operator. MVP ribbon could net you another 25 points with the smooth operator could add 10. It will get less than mvp because it is easier to obtain than mvp. Another way points could be added for performance is the top 5 people in score would get an extra 25 points.
Other ribbons such as team player and the other objective ribbons could add 5 to 10 points for earning.

This system would be more of accurate representation of skill because you wont be held back by bad teammates if you lose. It would make it less about just obtaining wins and more about in game performance. Having the ability to overcome the negative 25 points by get top five in the game and obtaining mvp despite losing would help you progress instead screwing you over like in the current system. It wouldn’t force people to have to party up to achieve hire ranks because it would just be based off your individual perfomance.

The current system it really doesn’t matter how good you do if you lose your going down. Ranks in gears 4 dont really represent individual skill it represents how good of a team you play with or how lucky you are with finding random teammates. The ranking systems is also a mystery too, for some people it works and for others they get stuck no matter how well the play or how many wins they get in a row. My idea would fix that problem of being stuck with you for sure either get 25 or losing 25 instead of it being luck of the draw.

This is just my idea I would like to see what other people think about

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