Ranking system frustrations

So I’m playing with a few friends who I admit were having an off night so I picked up the slack. We’re playing escalation, I’m onyx 3, and I have 51 kills, 14 downs, and 15 deaths. Great stat sheet except for the 7-3 loss. Yet I gained a percent putting me at 93% to diamond. I decide to play today and 3 teammates quit so I ended up losing 7-0 and dropped to 83%. This shouldny be a thing. I shouldnt lose points because I’m fighting a fight I can’t win.

If people dc there should be a safe barrier for that game for players with the lack of team. It should work in terms of the opposing team gaining points because they won and the defending team losing 0 and gaining 0 for having a disadvantage. I went positive by 2.0 as well. Yet my points fell off a cliff for my 1st loss of the day. Mind you I was on a 2 game winstreak and had to deal with people who were “onyx” but truly clueless.

Oh and one more thing. Promote a system where I can play the game by myself and actually enjoy it. Not everyone has teams or squads to play with. If I solo queue can I play against others who are doing the same and not people who are Diamond 5 stacked deep?? Losing to people who aren’t necessarily better than you but have the power of communication, team setups, angles, etc. Is hard and quite annoying as a lone wolf. And I don’t blame them because this is a team game but be mindful not everyone has a team.

I know I said my previous point would be my last but I have one more point to add to my tirade. Why is it whenever I’m about to hit diamond or rank up in general a slew of bronzes get in my game? How are bronze tiers allowed in an onyx borderline diamond entry game? Then this game has the nerve to zap my points like I’m not struggling with newbies. Please fix this. Its annoying and unfair.

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