Ranking system frustration

So I’ve been playing TDM recently and the consistency of when I rank up or down are so baffling that it’s hard to take seriously and becomes frustrating. I used to read posts on people stating they lost rank % after a win + mvp. Evidently it’s true, I’ve had several games where I’m mvp or if I’m not I still do well and I either don’t go up in rank % or it stays the same. Yesterday I actually lost 8% rank after a win + mvp ribbon (In Onyx 2 tdm).

When you are limited to a short amount of playing time or even if you’re not, you want to be rewarded for your effort especially if you are consistently doing well by scoring high kills and having very few deaths. I am sure I’m not the only person who is seeing some kind of flaw in this ranking system.

Thought I would vent my frustration…just sick of winning games and not moving up a single %

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