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Ranking system flaw

Anyone else noticing a trend of people quitting on the opposing team before they lose?

Its been really screwing me n my boys over. Like 9 outta 10 wins someone will back out on the enemy team.

Ill end up getting mvp and winning and still suffering a massive rank down even if it was my best preformance all day. My whole team get their buzz killed cuz we be ranking down off wins and its so predictable. It be like “■■■■ one of em quit! Now we lost our rank ups!” Sure enough we get the win and yup… rank down.

People are exploiting this and it needs to be addressed.

I have no power over what my opponents decide to do. It shouldnt effect me like that.

If this is still happening then I’m massively disappointed in TC.

They’ve known about this since the tech test.

It should have been fixed.

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