Ranking system fix

For some reason no matter how many games I win in a row, I don’t receive any ranking experience points even if I get MVP and have a positive kill death ratio. This has been a predicament for at least 3 different game modes ever since I got in to Onyx 3. Please look in to this issues because no matter how much I win in any game mode I have not move in percentage for 3 weeks unless it’s at loss and I get dropped by a tenth of a percent to 5 percent. I’ve been playing and winning 4v5 games, going on win streaks and nothing but if I lose I instantly go down. Please check in to this matter because a lot of the multi-player fan base for PVP can attest this is a huge problem that the coalition has failed to even pay attention to. It’s frustrating to have many days spent winning to have it all not count but be extremely and immediately penalized for ONE loss game. Look in to this issues as it would bring life back in to your multi-player aspect and have the fan base actually will to play knowing their skills will actually be accounted for and not be just looked at for a mere loss.

It would be best if you post any ranking system feedback in the main ranking system and feedback thread as TC can read all the feedback and discussion in one place.