Ranking System Explained

Hi Everyone,

I have a key piece of information for how the Ranked system works. Some of you might already know this - but I want to share this with those who are confused why you are de-ranking even while winning.

I want to make this very clear - I NEVER post on reddit - but the frustration of Ranked has managed to get me in writing this bit for all of you.

The Scenario:

Last week, I was Silver 3 along with 9/10ths of the Gears population. This was AFTER the adjustments were made on October 5th - so I was settled at Silver 3 in TDM. My friends & I grouped with a few individuals and managed to go on a gnarly winning streak. Constant MVPing & 2-0 wins (which are crucial to gaining rank). Everytime we would win 2-1, we would barely get points. You need to blow the team out.

ANYWHO - after what felt like 10+ games in a row of blow outs, I managed to rank up to Gold 1. HERE IS WHERE IT GOT INTERESTING:

The very next game - we won and I ranked to Gold 2 (20%). THEN, 2 wins later, Gold 3. 1 win later, Onyx 1 (and this continued until I hit Onyx 3 and we called it a night - it was late.

So, one thing to deduce here - there is an extraordinary amount of individuals in Silver 3 - where once you are out - it is easy to rank up. HOWEVER, THEN THIS OCCURRED:

I didn’t play Gears for about 3 days. When I hopped on, we jumped into a TDM and won our first match 2-0. I GAINED 225 points, and LOST RANK TO ONYX 2 (90%). I continued, lost rank again (until I literally raged and got off, at Gold 1).

THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH GEARS RANKING - there are NO parameters for what constitutes a certain division. THEY ARE ALWAYS CHANGING.

FOR EXAMPLE: In RAINBOW SIX, GOLD 3 you require anywhere between 2700-2899 MMR. THAT DOESN’T CHANGE.

No matter how many individuals hit Gold 3, I will remain at my MMR that I last left.

However, in Gears - there are NO parameters. They are SET by the individuals who play. Therefore, while I was offline - other players managed to rank up, gain MMR and surpass me - setting the Gold-Onyx parameters at a MUCH higher level that what it was 3 days ago. Therefore, even though I won my games - I was deranked - because I was needing to be adjusted to my appropriate elo placement.

THIS HAS RUINED THE GAME ENTIRELY FOR ME. IT MEANS WE LITERALLY HAVE TO PLAY EVERYDAY TO MAINTAIN RANKING. It might also explain why silver is such a shitshow. Think of 90% of the population trying to rank out of Silver constantly. It’s just one person after another trying to push past, which is why you get so close - and then end up so far.

Hoping this helps explain things - but to perfectly clear AGAIN - my rank had ALREADY BEEN ADJUSTED POST OCT-5 UPDATE, and I was GAINING POINTS, while deranking back to Gold 1.



This is 100% accurate… TC needs to adjust this, very unrealistic. I have no motivation to play this game anymore.


There is more bold text than regular text in this post lmao


Hahaha the frustration BRO THE fRUSTRATION.

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This isn’t necessarily true. I have been playing the game pretty much everyday since release, I ranked up to Onyx 1 KOTH and then 10 hours later was demoted back to Silver 2. It wasn’t because I wasn’t playing the game, I’d just randomly been reset.

I remember several requests (mine included) for this feature to be appplied to G4, but that was due to the few “slots available” for higher ranks, resulting in non returning players to lock that slot and prevent an onyx 3 to reach diamond.

In theory it sounded great but clearly there is something wrong. Maybe too few points between each rank? Promotion and deranked should take some time, being on a “ranked elevator” that reaches top and botton all the time is no fun at all.

Me? Stuck in Silver 2 since release, haven’t played versus in over 2 weeks.

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This sounds very logical. On top of this it does not help when TC decides to do another unannounced reset then says they don’t know what happened.

Something needs to be done. It gets old when you play daily and go nowhere. They say the point system rewards individual performance which is total BS. Team wins and loses of rounds MATTER a lot. Then you take into account that even when you win and do good in games you still lose points sometimes. The ranking system is totally f**ked up and makes no logical sense. Players are and will continue to get frustrated and quit. Someone that plays a lot and is stuck in this silver hell hole going no where will eventually give up. It’s part of human nature to do something and want to succeed in doing it. No one wants to keep doing something over and over and not succeed. Whoever came up with this ranking system needs a reality check. TC needs to get a grip on their game ASAP.

In TDM when the object is to kill and try not to die. You can go 14-3 in a match and lose points. Meanwhile another guy on your team may be 16-13 and gain points. Somebody logically explain that to me. Not dying in TDM should account for a lot of points. Your team only gets 15 per round. I don’t care if all 16 were kills and the guy with 14 only had 4 kills. When a dude dies 4 times as much as a teammate then that dude needs heavily penalized. If kills matter that much then bring back kill count and get rid of these stupid eliminations.


Great post. This sums up my experience with ranked perfectly.

The system needs changing asap. TC are obsessed with only having so many players in each ranked category.

It needs to work like R6 siege, which has a sane ranking system

Well this makes a bunch of sense, because I’ve dropped rank a couple of times after winning a game with a good performance! If you always have to be playing to maintain your position, then that buggers me up because I only get to play 2, maybe 3 days per week if I’m lucky.

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Your post is misleading. This isn’t the ranking system explained. Js.

Yea, agreeing with this.

Like I said above, I agree with him. In 14 hours of gameplay spanning across 3ish days , I managed to make my way from Silver 2 - Diamond 2 with a streamer that was new to the game, then from Diamond 2 - Master, I did myself.

Point is, when I came back the next day, I was still Master, the next day, still Master, so on and so forth.

I was only demoted once everyone else started saying they were getting demoted.

I went ALL the way from Master - Gold 1. Now, not to brag, but I’m definitely better than a gold player.

Just so you know I’m not bragging, there were many streams I watched playing Gears 5 everyday, and they were perfectly fine, no demoting, but then once the demoting happened, you know what happened. Master - Gold 1/3.

The reason I’ve mentioned those streamers is because some of them are pro players. Now, we can argue your system is right and what not, but if you’re telling me a PRO player gets demoted from Master to Gold because random people from the community beat his rank, and demote him. Now, that’s a flaw in your logic.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on it.

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Right on man, this ranking system is f’d. I can’t play every day, but if I don’t I’m gonna be de-ranked on top of being randomly reset? F this game. How is it that they’ve never been able to come up with a ranking system that is truly fair and works? Gears has been around for what 15 years? And somehow the ranking system seems to get worse with each release. UTTERLY BAFFLING,

One thing that does appear true when you 1st hop on ranked you can see your points and the person above and. Below you. If I play one match win then quit and they play all day and mostly win they pass me by along with others making the gap wider! Having said THAT… You people saying you lost interest in playing everyday because of this! Really? Gears 1 and 3 when there wasn’t a true skill rank. (Onyx, whatever) I played everyday! It’s called ranked play for a reason! Deal with it! Rock and Roll!

These leader boards are not accurate at all. i play with my buddy a lot and my leader board shows him as being in the top 1% of my rank but he’s 2-3 ranks above my rank. Been that way for over a week now. It’s still showing him there right now. nothing seems to work as it should.