Ranking System Error

Every time I try and see my rank on stats it keeps coming up with error I just wanna see if I’m diamond, has anyone got this problem?

I have the same problem. It is annoying as hell

you can see when you load up the game before lobby right?

Same problem here.

i guess he can see his rank in game. But he wants to see how many percentage he has. If he is at 100% Onyx 3 it will not update instantly in game.

If you hit 100% you have to wait a certain time to update it to the next rank. You can actually lose percentage while being on 100% but you wont gain anything by winning and playing well.

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The stats page works again, for me at least

your rank is based on the hidden/internal skill rating … and that changes after each game, so while you might not see any visible rank movement when you are 100% , your internal stats are always updated…