Ranking system down the toilet again ...onyx 3 to silver 1..Fantastic!

Well…here we are again…
New update …ranking system down the toilet
I seriously went from onyx 3 to silver 1 and now can’t leave silver 1 once again.
With matchmaking , All the players I’m playing are no no where near silver 1 skill level (I’ve been playing this game 10 years, I should know)

I’m once again stuck in silver 1 and can’t progress

Get a Win and dominate gain +60 points
Lose a game and still do excellent lose -576 points
Back to the SOS (same old S#%*)

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Git gud.

Joking aside, yeah, it is BS and having to win ten times in a row to make up for one loss is ludicrous.

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Ah geeze seen so many of threads and one point in my head I’m just over it. Who cares about some rank next to your name. If you made it to onyx guess what? You’re pretty good at the game dude. Yeah, it’s messed up, def should be noted…but at the same time don’t get worked up about it or anything.

I wish the ranking system was miles better than the one we have with all types of placing and stats. I used to play ranked every match, but I stopped cuz I realized I enjoy quick play more.

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Rank has been pointless for a while now.

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it’s not a progression system


TC needs to remove ranks from GoW6 and just stick to gameplay.

They don’t know what they’re doing and it hurts them a lot when they attempt to fix it. Skip the entire ordeal and go back to gameplay only.



I mean… removing ranks wouldn’t be bad imo.


Seriously. It started as a meme but now I support it.

Have we benefited at all since TC incorporated them in Gears 4? It doesn’t attract new players at all, hasn’t worked well enough to have the fanbase care…

Irony is, people used to sweat and not receive anything. Now people sweat and somehow lose more.


Except @TC_Clown.

He’s diamond I heard.

Everyone else…it doesn’t matter.


I stopped cause Ranked doesn’t have Guardian lol

I do enjoy Gridiron though, so when it moves that’ll be about the only time I dive back into Ranked.


In Gears 4–I played ranked for the skins, thought they looked nice.

In Gears 5–I never played ranked.

I don’t understand why anyone would care, “I’m a Diamond,” a badge doesn’t delegate your place in the game or your skill. I guess skill-based matchmaking would be good for balancing–but in my experience it leads to what amounts to a 2v5 due to the “balancing” being not that balanced.


Clearly all the new players which TC has been catering to and bringing in have gotten so good, the rest of us get pushed down to the lowest 2 ranks…

Evolution, law of the jungle, etc… :slight_smile:

Just kidding… After working hard to get into mid Onyx in GoW4, after I saw this game, and its ranknig system, I didn’t even try to rank up… Silver was as high as I got…

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to play devils advocate, a ranking system that works properly is actually important in a competitive game because any game that has players not on equal footing…stinks. I don’t necessarily care about rank in the sense that I want to climb the leaderboard (because I don’t want that) but like most of us here I was stuck in silver until they fixed it, at which point I was anywhere from Onyx 2 to Gold 3. And that’s where I was in Gears 4 as well. So…I’m better than a silver player. And if I’m in a game with a bunch of true silvers that’s not fun for me. But since the system was SOOO broken before, you’re getting players who I swear were diamonds who were also stuck in silver, and that sucks for everybody too. It got way better once they adjusted it in OP2. So if we’re all going to do this nonsense where we are stuck in silver forever again, well I’m not looking forward to that.


You nailed it!

Coming from onyx 3 and dropping to silver 1…
I’m noticing that these silver 1 players i’m going against are no way in hell silver.

The ranking system is broken once again

Im trying to keep that on the downlow


If your in silver it doesn’t put you up against a team of silvers, it goes off overall team ranking to equal it out. Unfortunately at the start of a season tho everyone’s on a level playing field so your more likely to run into masters straight away.

Personally the ranked system is what keeps me playing as messed up as it is. Each to their own I guess. Still can’t seem to pull myself away from this damn game as many times as its F’d me over.

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you have to forget ranks man… just play for the sakes of fun…

just remember when you played CHIP AND DALE : RESCUE RANGERS from the NES, you didn’t care about ranks either just to kill some free time. Gears 5 should be treated as that as well :smile:

Hey! That hurt😢

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Yes!!! Haha

you always gonna be man part of the Community’s TOP GUNS …


I hope one day I could be also in the community’s TOP GUNS !!!

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