Ranking system doesn't works

i have been wasting time in my percentage of ranks, because i got stuck if i won, the percentage not up and if i lose, the percentage down, so i searched support to fix this problem and i didn’t found anything so i want to know, how i can do to fix that problem

Here is some support. Stop playing. Gears 5 will be out in September. You’re welcome.

Dont lose any matches and I bet you will go up! Plus you need to score near the top of your team.

p e r s o n a l   p e r f o r m a n c e

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The reason your not going up when you win is because the system has determined your already above your skill level due to past performances, so your % is now going down to try and reflect this. The only way to “fix” this as you put it is to start performing better then the game expects, in other words… If your regularly getting 20, 30 even 40 kills the game is expecting this and your going to need to work harder to get more kills in each game. Winning helps but from my expeirence personal performance plays a huge roll in the ranking system, despite what you might hear.


You basically need to win and be a reason your team is winning. You can also rank up if you are on a winning team against higher ranked opponents as long as your performance is decent. If you are the highest ranked on your team you are expected to have the best #’s otherwise you most likely wont see an increase. Anyways thats my experience. But yeah once you reach your background skill rating you wont go any higher unless you increase your skill rating. But im pretty sure the skill rating carries across different modes.


Very well put