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Ranking system discussion

Can someone explain to me how the ranking system works in this game? Like actually? Is it random? Because that’s what it feels like sometimes.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people that believes it should be easy to rank up, but I genuinely just don’t understand the ranking system in this game.
I can have matches where I win both rounds and get a KD of 10+ in TDM, sometimes get MVP, and STILL go down in rank, even if the enemy team is favored. Why is this? I literally had 2 matches in a row where I went 16-2 and 22-2 and went down (or something like that KD). In my sincere opinion, if you win you should never go down. Maybe if your team is WAY better than the other team you shouldn’t go up, but to go DOWN, that literally makes 0 sense to me.

The irony of this is The Coalition said they would fix ranking after season 1. Mind you, I’ve played with people who have the champion lancer from season 1 who are god awful - sure we all have our bad matches, but even just watching them was concerning.
I can’t seem to push past a low Onyx 3, as I continue to get teammates who rush in and die rather than adapting to the other team. I don’t expect to win every match, and I don’t expect to have a good team every match or even do good myself every match, but when I’m playing solo, having a meh team is often sadly.

I’ve even had matches where my team and I come back from a 0-2 guardian, to 3-2 - and when I look at the match breakdown I went DOWN for winning 3 rounds but up for losing 2. So what’s the deal? I notice MVP is a huge factor generally, but what else if anything? In my sincere opinion, MVP shouldn’t be the only factor, but I think you see where I’m going with this.
I got put in Bronze for my placement matches at the beginning of the season despite being an Onyx last season, and winning/doing well all matches. Now I sit on the endless grind to achieve a higher rank.

Any thoughts from anyone?


It’s broken, no need for explanation. Even the devs agree it needs more fixing and tuning.



What’s that…?
And yeah, I kinda figured that at the very least…

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I wouldn’t worry about rank atm. You can rank up it’s just a grind but as of the latest stream TC made it seems like some real change are coming with the “feel good” quotes. After a win you should feel good not all upset that you lost points so there taking that into consideration and also support play. So maybe TC was hinting that getting that W might be more meaningful when calculating post match results.

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You mean the screenshot? Oh, that’s the search bar, where you can search the forums for different topics.

Reason I’ve posted that is because there are already numerous threads in regards to this subject, including a main thread where it has been discussed extensively. You’re welcome to read through it and even chime in there.

Oh, thanks. You’re welcome to give quality advice any time.

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Its broke welcome to gears 5


Welcome to Gears 5 where if its broke dont fix it, and if it works break it some more.


Well that’s what disappoints me: it hasn’t gotten better despite the promises… it’s so arbitrary

There is a long video on how it works in the forums. Its actually a little odd. But if u watch it you will get how u could do amazing and still lose points.

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There is a video where Ryan explains this, my advice is dont watch it. You will understand nothing, and its pointless. The problem is that the system is wrong from its foundations.

They made a system based on rounds instead on win/lose. There are more variables added to the equation like kills, caps, points and so on. The problem is that there is not transparency and we dont see how the algorithm works.

I already did a little investigation about the system in 2v2 gnasher mode, collecting every result I got and saving it into an excel doc. After 30 matches, I won 24 and still was bronze 3.

  • 24 of 30 won. 4.0 ratio for a bronze 3 player, not bad.
  • I got 11,7333333333 eliminations per match. I got 4,5666666667 deaths per match. 2.5693430657 e/d for a bronze 3 player.
  • Purple colour states if that player did MVP. I was MVP 19 times of 30. My teammates only 6 of 30.
  • Orange colour states if that player was the worse of the match. I was only the worse once, my teammates 10 and almost every time, just check their points.
  • Was UNFAVORED 23 times. Only FAVORED 7.
  • Even winning I ended losing points some matches.

You can check every result I got in this folder:

System works? Yes but in the way they implemented it, but as I said, wrong from the beginning. They measure it by rounds in a game about win/lose. Lets say each win is x1 points and each lost is x1.4, so at the end you have to win more than 1/1 to climb up but firstly, just think about a football match: you lose 1st half, still losing in 2nd half but you score 2 goals and at the end you win the whole match. But it doesnt matter, because you lost 1st half which will make you lose more points than the points you have won in the second half. At the end you win the match but still lose points. This could be right in a system measured by these halves, but you have to measure the final result of the whole match.

Even if they want to keep it, why their complex system is the same for different modes? They had to delay ranked FFA because the system was awful for that, still dont know how they didnt check for the rest of the modes.

If they want a complex system, they forgot many factors. In a match, for the system is the same killing 10 times a diamond, and killing the same times a bronze player. They should value different, right? It wouldnt be a problem if they dont put people from different tiers playing together but you know, the matchmaker neither works. Well, it works as they designed it, quoting myself: its wrong from its foundations.

Edit: the system works under ideal conditions. If one left, the system fails. If tiers are mixed, the foundations of the system fails. F.e. a koth match where 4 of 5 players of swarm team left. so 5cogvs1swarm. Quick round, 180-0 with a few caps and almost no kills because THERE ARE NOT PLAYERS, 4 LEFT. Well, the systems doesnt care and interprets that you did nothing because you didnt kill or just cap 1-2 times, so you will lose points. Thanks for participating.


Eliminations dont count. Only kills, deaths, caps and win/loss. Plus it doesnt matter how good you do. It matters how you do compared to your projected stats. The better you are the higher your projected stats. Damage points also do not count towards Rank.

And ranked is definitely broken for 2v2.

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I won 10 matches in a row and and went from the highest bronze - 3 to lowest - 1 .
Afterwards i was in a match and my teammate left. i managed to win some round 1 vs 2 and went back to bronze 3 after that match. got a huge ammount of points.
So broken its funny

It doesn’t. End of discussion.

Oooh, look at all that time saved!

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Thanks! I’ll take a peek later. (And at the others)

I’ve kinda just accepted that no matter if I do good or bad, I’m not going to rank up consistently. I just don’t understand how many broken promises will be made regarding “a fix”. Without a doubt I’ve never seen a gears fall this hard in the versus community.

I think the ranking system has its issues, but its not as bad as the matchmaking. Except maybe for 2v2.