Ranking system broke?💥


I’M…Confused. I Barely lose koth matches in fact yesterday i won 4-5 matches in a row all MVP …They were decent players… and im stuck on d4 67.50 it hahasn’t even moved 0.1 now to be honest thats is just bs. I guess i have wasted my time? Point in playing anymore?

The communication behind this is a joke. MOST People are playing ‘ranked’ to achieve their best tier possible, but we work hard even when people quit we win and we go up nothing? We lose we go down even if we do good?

I would ask someone to explain this however i don’t care what people would say. Even if you win a game with the worst players on the opposing team and get MVP you should very minium go up 0.1% even if you are D5 …ITS NOT THE PLAYERS FAULT THE OPPOSING TEAM HAS NOT GOT THE SAME SKILL LEVEL. PEOPLE WANT TO PLAY FOR SOMETHING NOT A FROZEN PERCENTAGE.

Do not get me wrong the rank system was not perfect before and defo needed adjusments. However, it does not make sense to change it this much on potentiality the last season. It contridicts all the other seasons and it is simply broke and needs direct attention so that its funtional aspects of the RS are addressed appropriately.

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