Ranking Progression

Hi Gears Player,

Just a bit more on the ranking and progression. I posted before on Bronze forever. I got some great feed back from Meow, R_ Swipe and Kitten_B . Many thanks. I am happy to report i made it to Silver 2. I was very happy about this and yes i am sure you all think its low, but for me it was progress.

I start this weekend head to silver 3. Friday night i won five in a row in solo non stacked. In one game i was MVP with a Kill count of 54. Very high for me. No progression at all. then drop 4 games and in those games at least 1 or 2 quit. on the last once 3 quit. they other team beat on me and the other guy so bad but i finished it off. my rank drop really bad back to like 50% marked on silver 2.

Saturday my onyx and gold friends wanted me to play with them. based on feedback i knew i would not benefit playing with them as R_swipe mentioned, but you know I was willing to trade the loss for education, but dam when we win i get nothing and when they loss i really take a hit. but they are cool and i guess it was worth it.

Okay this bring us to last night Sunday. I won 7 straight in solo. Hit MVP at least once. had a 35 to 48 kill count. did revives had the most downs in the game at 40.

Guess where i am .07 about silver 1. if i drop another match i be back to silver 1. I guess its just hard to not get rewarded for winning at any level and taking big reductions when losing.

I just really find it hard that with the ranking system there are so many onyx , gold . statistically speaking they should be taking the same hits.

Oh well. I enjoy playing with the stack team even if i suck cause really i am out of my depth playing with them since its 4 onyx and then my little silver…lol you can imagine I take a beating and get really excited when i get like 10 kills lol.

So i guess i just not worrying about rank anymore and just play versus to play. I just really think you should lose more rank when you lose then when you when maybe just hold me at that rank, but maybe that not the point.

Okay i am done.