Ranking problems

I would like to know why when I get mvp on 2v2 my ranking drops 40 percent instead of going up. This is one reason I’m considering going to Cod because you cant fix match making or ranking

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Get ready for a certain forum member to tell you to search instead of make a topic. Not all heroes wear capes.

Anyway, their revamping the system. Would you support them just getting rid of skill based ranks? I honestly don’t think they’ll ever get it right.


They had it right in the first season. People just didn’t like that their ranks were lower than they thought they should have been. Now, everyone is Diamond or Master if they just stack.

The first season I couldn’t get to diamond or out of silver unless I stacked. I was always at the top but would lose rank based on who they matchmake me with.

I was held responsible for the worst player. Now, some believe that is how it should be but then rank does not represent individual skill level. Those are two different things.

It’s like putting LeBron James with some elementary school kids against a high school team and saying because he loses he isn’t a pro.

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TC has acknowledged that their ranking system doesn’t work the way people want it to.

They are planning on scrapping the current system.

There are many threads already covering this topic, please join an existing discussion :slight_smile: