Ranking-Problem, Twitter and Update notes debate

Suggestion to fix the problem with the ranks.

  • Rollback the ranks before of this update “wait” until the season is finish to workout on that slowly, in peace, giving us 7 days of pre-season to rest as well.

  • The placement matches can take in consideration your “score per minute” to determine your rank. This will fix the problem with the “congestions” on certain ranks example

(TC you have on your database all the stats of the users so you can make this a lot more easy than me)

TDM "Increase the placement matches to 10 instead of 5 to be more sure certain people belong to that rank"

Bronze 100 to 125 “SPM”
Silver 125 to 150 “SPM”
Gold 150 to 175 “SPM”
Onyx 175 to 200 “SPM”
Diamond-I 200 to 225 “SPM”
Diamond-II 225 to 250 “SPM”
Diamond-III 250 to 275 “SPM”
GRAND MASTER the top 50 players on the “entire-world”

Lets say “x player” play his 10 placement matches his “SPM IS 138” the dude will be send to Silver 2 or Silver 3. “Z player” got 213 SPM he will be placed on diamond-I after 10 matches he deserve that.

So please reconsider the rollback, during the preseason 7 days you fix the ranks and take a look to this post. To see if that help