Ranking: personally I think it should be about personal performance, not winning or losing

Ohh, I know I will get double Scorcher flamed for saying this, but realistically speaking, the rank is your INDIVIDUAL rank. It’s not a TEAM rank. Winning or losing is a team level result, which you cannot control. Your own performance, you CAN control!

I find this whole argument of “but, but, we WON!! How can I go down on a win??!” stupid… This argument does hand in hand with the idea that you can’t go UP on a loss… Stupid! You can totally kick ■■■, play above your level, and still lose because of a 0-9 team mate…

Just like you can do absolutely nothing, win, and now you expect magical protection for your rank because your TEAM won?

This is your OWN rank, not the rank of your TEAM.

Plus I am really irritated whenever TC tries to talk about statistics & probability, it’s like listening to a high schooler explain the physics behind the Chernobyl accident… Just cringe worthy for anyone who actually knows & understands stats & prob…
By moving away from winning/losing they can stop trying to figure how who was “expected” to win, and just compare performances of individual people…


This was one of the first posts I saw about ranking and can we please ban guest account from ranked matches. Not sure if this was brought up yet but for the past hour I’ve been getting in games with players and their guest account (1) after the original gamertag and every time they are hot garbage. It’s all good you got siblings or friends sharing your account to play online but maybe not ranked. Just a thought.

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I’ve been saying this since Gears 4 man.

It’s a team based game?

Yes, it is, but the rank is not on the TEAM, it’s on the PERSON. If that rank was associated with that particular combination of people, no problem. But it’s not.

This is the fundamental problem with taking a ranking system which was designed to rank competitive entities in a 1v1 competition (chess players, tennis players, maybe TEAMS ) and trying to use it to rank individual members of a team, in team event. This is not what this was designed to do.

Christiano Ronaldo’s ‘rank’ is not dependent on if his team wins or loses. It’s on how many goals he scored in how many games, and goals scored in winning games don’t count ‘more’ than goals scored in losing game… And that is also a team event, right? The most popular team sport on the planet, I believe…

We had this and people hated it. I think I’ve seen one or two people like that system.

It’s a two step process. It’s in part your own performance and the other how your team does.

Even in the old system your teammates affected your rank. If this is that much of a headache then just get rid of it. Go back to gears three or something. It’s starting to get annoying honestly.

And I dont know who that player is.

This. Yes. I would like this. A lot.


There’s a handful of reasons why I can’t take the tier system in Gears 5 too seriously, and split screeners being allowed in ranked is one of them. Nine out of ten times they don’t know how to roadie run, they’re walking into rooms filled with enemies while HARD-AIMING THEIR ■■■■■■■ LANCER, aannnndddd usually end up with a stat line of 1 elimination, no downs or revives, 12 deaths and 27 score.

… and then ppl are expected to carry Helen Keller and no-thumbs Timmy against a team that combines for 60000+ points. In my opinion, you can’t base your tier system around winning when ■■■■ like this is allowed to happen in the “competitive” environment. It’s comical and depressing at the same time.


Personally I think they should just go back to the gears 3 system. To granular now and getting mvp in a match and losing a full tier in rank is exactly why the current system stinks.