Ranking Perks in Horde

Okay so there’s quite a variety of perks and some could be really useful while others not do much. I would love to know the community’s take on their best and worst perks on Master difficulty. Some people like number lists and others like tiers. Whichever works best for you would be nice.

Maybe there’s just some perks not worth it that you might as well dump your precious energy into the fab for something more useful at a better time. Or maybe that one perk is so good that its a must have. Is the perk universal and compliments most characters? Or perhaps its that one perk that puts that certain character over the top. Whether amazing, viable, orjust flat out useless, what are your rankings of perks?

Keegan’s explosive ammo resuply and ammo capacity are top tier
Marcus’ resupply is comobolicious with his ult.
Clayton’s resupply combos with his mulcher mastery to make him incredibly fun and effective.

Those are the ones I know most people would approve of (if not love) on master.

Ones that are useless would be JD’s (and Keegan’s) assault rifle damage since their focus is explosives in master.



Health or speed perks are probably the least effective, unless you have extra cards for those in addition.

Depending on the ult, a character can really benefit from maxing out the ult regen.

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Very true. Unless you are playing cog gear then it is well worth it to upgrade his/her health perks.

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Undoubtedly perks are well worth it to be upgraded and for some classes in particular is very important.

Only thing that would stop you is the arrogant hosts who probably will say “upgrade perks after wave 30.” Otherwise you’ll get kicked.

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As someone who has played Kait a fair bit I’d argue the health perk is helpful for that class too, given the fact that you’ll often be in close proximity to enemies where it will be harder to avoid their shots. That extra 50% does sometimes make a difference. More so since I’m not the type of player to go into Cloak wave wiping practices and instead execute enemies in it so usually mainly kill the enemies with shotguns(if things get tight or an annoying boss shows up I’ll be meatshielding them in Horde though). Also don’t tend to bother with the speed boost perk, mainly due to that(the other small part is that I don’t like how the running animation becomes with the perk).

Speed perk messes up my timing.

I guess you’d get accustomed to it after a while.

I could handle it after playing the Gears 4 Scout with the speed boost a lot after they gave it a “tank build” with the introduction of Dodge. But ehh… doesn’t seem like a worthy power investment to me either way when I am fine just executing a couple of enemies to then run back to the base and keep working them over with the shotguns.

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You could also argue will be any worth it upgrading health perks for Kait after wave 30 + that’s if you playing on masters. No doubt it can help before wave 29, but after that it’s useless for her. If you HAVE Jack in the team to keep the beam then that’s a bonus.

I didn’t know their were Kait players that didn’t really use the speed perk. That perk is mandatory for me, matter of fact, it’s mainly the only perk from her that I use. Having that extra speed for the bigger maps to meatshield enough is highly worth it.

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Well like I said, with how I personally play Kait I do not find a lot of use in the speed boost perk. I find meatshields cheesy personally and prefer to execute them in cloak(idc if it’s really not the most “efficient” way to go about it) instead of wiping the entire wave of Drone enemies by dropping still alive bodies and then not having much left to use the shotguns on. It doesn’t seem like an investment worth making when I don’t spend that much time with backstabbing shenanigans.

the Assault Rilfe Dmg Perk powers up the Lancer Gl Grenades…

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I like Perks the most that are individually fitting to the Character such as Keegans explosive resupply or Claytons Ultimate duration.

Did not know this. Wow. Thanks.

  • Clayton’s perk that keeps up his ultimate for 12 seconds when maxed out.
  • Critical hit damage perk for Fahz is great.
  • Keegan’s explosive resupply perk is insane.

Those are my top 3.