Ranking Percentage problem?

Okay so I have been playing Boxes as onxy 3 at 63 percent and I won like 3 games and didn’t go up at all, then I lost 2 and went down 6 percent and then won 1 game and only went up 1 percent ?? And now it’s hardly moving up whatsoever?

Can someone explain why? Is there issues going on or something?


were you mvp?

i made it all the way to diamond this weekend starting from placement matches until the service disruption occurred

been mvp 9/10 times win or lose

Yes ive been MVP multple times in boxes. My percentage is moving in the wrong direction and I don’t understand why

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the two you lost…were they against lower ranked players?

Well one was same as me and the other being a diamond

how about those that you won?

same rank or higher/lower?

They were 1 diamond and 1 onxy 2

no idea then

the ranking system in this game is broken


Well I tweeted the coalition and still waiting for a reply :confused:

Good luck, youll either get no response or “the rank system is working as intended” which is BS for “we made a crap way of ranking up but you have to live with it.”

I’ve had no response yet whatsoever :confused:

Guessing I’ll never get one at this rate lol

Exactamente me pasa lo mismo yo jugué en onice 3 al 86 por cierto gane 3 con MVP no subi nada perdi 2 con MVP y baje al 79% es exagerado pedimos una solucion a este problema que es lo que pasa no entiendo nada =/

You too huh? This is unbelievable!

I literally just won a game and it’s still on 58.63% and I was MVP!

Why is this being Ignored?!?!?!

It’s delayed, sadly. I made a thread about this myself: Weird ranking system. It works at random times, then sometimes the way you saw it working 5 minutes ago, doesn’t work 5 minutes later. It’s really strange.

Please keep all rank discussions, feedback, and concerns on the Main Ranking System thread.

This allows TC to track all posts, and provide to the correct team. You can also DM @CoalitionGearson twitter, or PM @anon86589457 If you feel there is an issue with your rank.

Thank you.

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