Ranking & matchmaking

so we know changes are coming but we don’t have anything to speculate on beside the fact they’re scrapping everything for a new system
this thread has 2 purposes, one to possibly have someone from TC telling us something, the other to discuss what we would like to see in the upcoming changes

from my experience - I play ranked only, recently mixed with ffa because some days the matchmaking is just unbearable - my main concern is towards matchmaking.

From my observations up to op3 and multiple resets in between, I can tell despite the frustration of the post match scoreboard, not so balanced games and all the jazz we are used to, that if you landed a specific rank consistently during these months, you probably deserved it. Over such wide time frame I think every consistent ranked players sooner or later landed where they belonged.
I’ve seen enough players claiming they couldn’t get past something and after observing them in game, there were multiple obvious flaws possibly preventing them to make the jump to another rank

so I still wouldn’t expect bronzes jumping to diamonds and vice-versa with the new ranking system but I’d still want to talk about matchmaking rank restrictions

so far, from multiple evidence gathered around this very forum, we know there is a overall team score dictating who goes against who.
Between population during some hours, crossplay and current search algorithm we’ve seen low scored players matched with high ones to reach a score balance with a complete mess of a game which frustrated everyone at their skill level
so, despite how they will choose how to actually move people between ranks, I’d like to see some kind of restrictions during the calculation so we don’t have opposite ranks against each other ie masters against bronzes and comparable situations

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