Ranking, Match Making, and the rest of this clown show

You Coalition groupies never seem to talk about the gaping problems with this game. Come on, back me up, this st is tired. I’m going down on loses and not going up on several wins, even with MVP, nice programming (don’t give me that “you were supposed to win nonsense”). Match making is ridiculous. The last team I had: me an onyx 2, 3 silver 3s, and a f*^king Bronze. Come on! The clown show is the lack of care and concern from day one of this nonsense. I had 2 teammates leave and after the proper timeframe it allowed me to leave, no penalty on time to play again but WENT DOWN IN RANK. Check that St, very dumb, can’t we program a game better!!! So tired.

You wasted your time making a post, and also post the ranking stuff on the main thread.

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