Ranking makes no sense

The ranking system in comp is literally based on who plays the most. I like 2v2 gnashers when I’m playing solo and I consistently play teams, then my teammate is always a guy who is still learning. I haven’t seen any balance so far. This type of stuff attributes to people leaving the game. I had a guy type that he was done because he can’t win. And duh when he’s playing God level guys. We need some balance. Brief rant of frustration over.


TC tried several variants but none seemed to work.

This version is just a leaderboard that was supposed to have a balanced matchmaking yet my team obliterates opposition in one game and the next one we are completely destroyed. Not sure what their definition for balanced is.

Hope they find the answer for G6.


They changed things to competitive because the player-base is too low to divide into different ranks with accurate matchmaking- and it will only get lower after Op8. Competitive was also implemented to give people a reason to keep playing - it gives players an incentive to keep getting better

Do I like it? no
Does it make sense for the current state of the game? yes.


mode posts like this way back, Tc is just eh right now. they put more effect into the emotes then the game play tbh

Do people seriously already have 3 million on the leaderboard in Exec and Guardian already? It’s only been out a week. That’s like the amount of points the top 100 people had at the end of the last season. I barely broke a million a couple weeks before the end of last season. I didn’t get to play the first week of this season, but thought I’d still be early enough if I grinded the rest of the Op to finish top 100. After looking at the leaderboard, if these people play at a similar rate, I may be lucky to break top 1000 again. Oh well, I suppose the main thing is to chip away at the Obsidian set. Screw the stupid Kantus or Skorge or whatever.

Looks like a lot of boosting

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Mad is always at the top. But he has multiple people on his account. I’ve played bad kids and unreal kids using that 510 gamertag

I saw a streamer farming 2v2 gnashers and FFa and he’s like top 10 at both right now. When I checked the play time it was 32 hours and still going. The dude looked like a living corpse, yikes.

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fat oof, Time over skill game play right there.

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