Ranking issue with gaining percentage even if beating higher tier players or obtaining MVP

Lately I’ve been playing core and going up against diamond 3 or higher mostly. I’ve been winning these battles even in 4v5 situations and I’ve been obtaining mvp over my friends in diamond 1,2,3,4,5 but yet I’m not going much percent or diamond in any game mode yet. I have onyx 3 in every core mode besides arms race which is onyx one. I also have a 65% win ratio and 1.01 k/d but yet I barely go up in percentage when I win multiple matches against teams with various diamond ranks. Can I please get an explanation as to why I’m not gaining percentage. I have clips and screen shots of me winning against multiple diamonds, catching triple or quad kills on numerous players, I have many videos and pictures to support my claim of me playing beyond my current rank placement and I was even diamond in TDM last season with every other game mode in core onyx 3. For my arms race it took me winning three days for me to gain just 10% please look in to this or explain a way for me to continue to gain percentage and rank in to diamond before the season challenge ends.

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Watch this, the Head Multiplayer Design Developer, Ryan Cleven, goes over this subject during the developer stream.

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