Ranking is still terrible

They seem to be getting too granular. Not sure what happened from 4 to 5 with the ranking system, but right now 4 was doing it better.

Personally I wasn’t a fan of 4s either. I get screwed regardless of what game it is lol. Just ask @AliceInChainsaw @TC_Clown or others that played with me. Im on TCs blacklist for ranked. No matter how good I play I’ll never be able to get out of Onyx 3

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I had the same problem except mine was silver three, it was so weird to win so much and go up so little, just to take one loss that put you further down than when you started


from gold 1 to sliver 3

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Try again after they redo the whole rank system… Maybe 6 months from now? Lol I dunno when


Go back to Leaderboards! This Tier system blows!


Lose one game and go down 1600 points.
Win the next and go up 88 points.
Lose a game a day later because the player lost her connection twice? Go down a rank.

Play solo and lose a player? Go down both matches.
They lose a player and we win? 0 points given.

It’s like those paintings where the person just takes a bucket and throws it against the canvas


I have said it a lot, try not to pay attention to it and just have fun playing. But since the removal of Guardian, i have had trouble finding my happy place. I find myself focusing on all the problems with the game instead. My apologies for my frustration.

Bring Guardian back to ranked!
(86% approve of this message)


Do you think they’ll reset the ranks again next week? With it being so broken again.

This should not ever happen, any time I have had a person drop out prior the first round starting the lobby automatically dissolves.

Also, this “shouldn’t” be a thing either, as any match you play with a missing teammate should not count towards your ranking/tier.

I would LOVE to know what “a bunch of kids” have figured out that TC hasn’t yet. As if any of us are privy to the coding, calculations and curves used to determine placement behind the scenes.


had my best game ever last night with 76 eliminations it seem to be clicking i was the second higest performer and walked away with a meeker 256 pts.

the game before 65 elimantions and-2 pts WTF

I am capping, downing crossing and supporting ugh

maybe they should puplish a PTS matrix so we know exacly where to gian pts and play to that.

I am asking that today on the developer stream.

Yeah quitters are bad. i mean i undertand if something happens beyond the control, but quitting just cause you do not like they way the game is going hurts everyone. with TC mixing the ranks its problaly the reason we can not see the rank any more. People would then quit more.

Guardian FOREVER

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Yea the rank system is awful its got worse !!! Lmao i can win 6 straight games and not move up in tdm getin 15 to 20 elims a game with under 8 deaths

Technical skill does not a good game designer make… it just feels like this game is math instead of fun (bad example for me because I like math, but you get the point).

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Are you trying to make it look like I’m lying or something?
It was literally counting down to start the first round that one of our teammate left and never came back.

And we lost all the rounds, I always thought when you play a game with less teammates you don’t lose points so at the end seeing I lost 500 points was pretty annoying.

And for the last part. Literally a win/lose ranking system which is the easiet ranking implementation would have worked much better than this complicated bs that they are trying to force us. We are talking about Microsoft that has supposedly the best engineers and they can’t figure out a ranking system that is even close to Rocket League, a game made by an indie studio?

Stop trying to defend this. 6 months has passed and nothing has changed. There is literally nothing you can say that would make TC look good here.

As a solo. Yes, it’s pretty atrocious.

The system feels like the second the match starts you begin to lose points. A second passed equals
-5pts. So by the time you get your first kill, your -100. The result of the kill is you countdown now starts at +75. I find the system so confusing. Why give me an in game score, that is so different than the actual rank score?

I don’t think @I_TRS_GEAR_I is defending it as much as just pointing out some things.

New combined feedback thread here